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Mandi + James || The Prallsville Mills in Stockton, NJ

While James and Mandi’s love story really began some 7 years ago, their new life together as husband and wife started this past Sunday… and I (Jon) had the privilege of documenting their wedding celebration.

Many months ago, Mandi had shared with me her wedding day vision. “I’m picturing this as a really upscale picnic,” she wrote in an email, “with really great food. Nothing stuffy about it.” It’s safe to say Mandi + James hit the bullseye on this one. Their wedding was certainly anything but traditional. The bride opted for “real” pushups to relieve her stress instead of bubbly mimosas, church bells were replaced by the cool summer breeze swooping off the Delaware River, and the standard hotel reception was nixed in favor of a more historic setting– a four-story Grist Mill dating back to the 1870’s. Topping it all off, Mandi + James were simply incredible to work with.

From their love of cycling to honoring the loved ones in attendance, they made it a point to incorporate all the things (and people) they loved into their wedding celebration. It was far from an “all about me” kind of day– and that’s really what made their day memorable. (and yes, special shoutout to the Mexican Coca Cola the bride + groom chose as their dinner beverage of choice.)

Special thanks to Cherie and Lisa of On This Day Weddings for coordinating the event, and the videography team led by Adam Nawrot for being so professional + cooperative to work with. Wedding ceremony + venue took place at the historic Prallsville Mill along the Delaware River in Stockton, NJ.

Last but not least, congratulations to the newlyweds Mandi + James.

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Their Wedding Day Video can be seen here. Credit to Adam Nawrot (assisted by Spencer T. and Carrie.)



Irene + Rob || Unionville Vineyards

Irene and Rob’s friday wedding celebration upped the ante in so many ways… Chances are, you’ve never seen a wedding like this, either. Guaranteed.

Irene and Rob’s wedding day themed was inspired by the fantastical world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional “Lord of the Rings”. Without a doubt, they are huge fans of Tolkien. But beyond the details– from Arwen’s Evenstar Pendant (that the bride donned down the aisle) to the countless creative references to the “One” ring to inviting the guests to dress up in Middle Earth attire— all the many months of planning were not about emphasizing their fanaticism for the LOTR series. Irene and Rob, along with the many loved ones who attended their wedding, were there to celebrate a covenant.

This is what made their wedding day so memorable to us. Their main focus was never on the little things– the arnold palmer refreshment was great, the cocktail hour was exceptional, the dinner very filling, the costumes realistic + charming– but rather, on the big picture. They came to make a covenant to eachother, as well as to God. And the many people who loved them back were there to witness it.

They chose to spend their wedding day at Unionville Vineyards, an incredible setting tucked away in the heart of Ringoes, NJ. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, or a more accommodating (and warm-hearted) bridal party. Hands-down, one of the most outstanding moments from that evening was the Maid of Honor’s toast. Her speech encompassed humor, love, a few jokes, and to top it all off, she gave part of the speech in Elvish. That’s right folks. All you linguistics reading this blogpost understand exactly what we mean (it’s a real language, by linguistic standards!!)

Below, we’ve shared with you all some highlights from their wedding day. Be sure to check us out on facebook and see more of our work there!



Amy + Peter || The Mansion at Bretton Wood

One wedding day, two ceremonies, three rings, and four outfits… if we told you our 13-hour work day was exhausting, imagine standing in the bride & grooms’ shoes. Thankfully, all four of us made it through the day with gigantic smiles, an overflow of wonderful memories, and a dozen memory cards bursting with photos.

We had the absolute privilege of documenting this lovely couple’s wedding celebration last weekend. Together, they combined their families (and cultural heritages) for a fantastic + colorful multicultural wedding day. First came the Hindu marriage ceremony, followed by a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony. Colors, details, sweets, humor… they included it all. Symbolism was a key feature in their ceremonies– from the first moment they joined hands (the hasta melap and kanyadaan) to the various garlands + cords joining them together– the deep symbolism and richness of colors never cease to amaze us as photographers.

The evening was spent celebrating their new marriage as husband + wife– delicious cocktails, vast buffet options, and a whole lot of dancing.

We hope you all enjoy the little preview we’ve shared below. Please visit us on our facebook page to see more images! Enjoy!