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Lindsey + Keith’s Wedding || Ann Arbor, MI

While our lack of recent blogposts may hint at a quieter winter, we’ve actually been quite busy working on a whole lot of exciting things. While Howie and his wife are expecting a new addition to their family any day now, Jon has been spending the last few weeks in Honduras, doing documentary + portrait work with Signs of Love. In fact, this very blogpost has been written + uploaded from Honduras. Enjoy!

Never before have we seen a wedding with so many beautifully-crafted + handmade ideas infused into one wedding day. Keith and Lindsey certainly take the cake when it comes to celebrating their wedding nuptials in a very personal + creative style. Among some of our favorite things were (in no particular order):

+ Bride’s hair accessory, bridal shrug, and all the mens’ ties were handknit by Lindsey’s grandma
+ Bouquets & boutonnieres were handcrafted from the forest
+ Home brewed/bottled beers served at wedding reception by Keith’s housemate
+ Wedding & Engagement band belonged to Lindsey’s great-grandmotjer
+ Table centerpieces + ring shot included birch wood handcollected by L & K
+ Wedding ‘guestbook’ via finger prints
+ Homemade pies by Lindsey’s mother
+ Handmade, lifesized communal Crossword Puzzle for guests
+ Cedar leaves thrown by the guests at the grand exit

For a January wedding in the state of Michigan, we were certainly blessed with a mild wintry day. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Campus Chapel in Ann Arbor, MI, followed by a cozy reception at the Cobblestone Farms. We topped off the night with warm speeches, homemade pies, and a vegetarian/vegan dinner menu so delicious (thanks to Angel Food Catering) I lost all desire for meat that weekend. Four words: Butternut squash bread bowls. If that wasn’t enough to make you wish you were at their wedding, check out the square dancing/River Jordan dancing photos below.

Congratulations once again to Lindsey + Keith, and thank you for letting me be there to tell your story.


Lindsey + Keith’s Wedding Teasers

Everything lovely, refreshing, romantic and exciting wrapped itself up into this weekend’s wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Below are some of my favorite images from this weekend’s wedding celebration with Keith and Lindsey. Enjoy!

(stay tuned for more images to come)


Maya + Pierre’s Engagement Party || Philadelphia Museum of Art

Both of us are so very grateful to have been a part of Maya + Pierre’s engagement celebration back in November. A few hours before the party began, we joined this lovely couple for a portrait session in & around the Philadelphia Museum of Art (we were even granted access into a recently installed exhibit within the Philadelphia Museum of Art– a Hindu Temple). Wherever we went, whatever we did, one thing was for certain: Maya + Pierre needed no prompting when it came to making each other laugh. In fact, their inter-relational goofiness added just the right touch to our session, making our jobs that much easier.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… the rest of the night was one big party. The cocktail hour itself was fantastical- by and far, our favorite dish to eat that evening (in the rare moments we weren’t shooting, of course) was the kobe beef sliders. Coupled with a few heart-warming speeches, champagne toasts, and an even more amazing dinner selection, the night was finally topped off with lots and lots of dancing. Congratulations once again to Maya & Pierre, and we look forward to your wedding day in May!


Perla + Dan’s Wedding

We’ve taken a few weeks off from blogging (holidays + traveling + family), and now we’re back! We hope everyone is enjoying themselves this winter.

Be sure to check out our latest photoset below from Dan + Perla’s wedding day… and just in case you missed their teaser post, click this link. Their entire wedding day went by beautifully. The ladies spent the morning getting ready at The Madison Hotel, an upscale boutique hotel located in the heart of Morris County. I was certainly impressed by all of the DIY details that our bride incorporated into the wedding day– among many other things, the hilarious photobooth props. Perla and Dan tied the knot at the groom’s childhood church, followed by an amazing reception at the Madison Hotel. The rest of the night was one big party. Between the excellent food, a decadent dessert bar, a packed dance floor, two lovely newlyweds and a crowd-pleasing photobooth, we couldn’t have asked for a more exciting evening.

For even more images, go to our facebook page + browse through Dan + Perla’s wedding photos.

Last but not least, a proper shoutout to some of the amazing vendors from that day:

Florists- The Potted Shed (Steve & Denise)
Dress- Alfred Sung gown from Say I Do (West Caldwell, NJ)
Wedding Venue- The Madison Hotel
Cake Topper: Itty Bitty Wood Shoppe (Etsy)


Maya + Pierre’s Engagement Party Teasers || Philadelphia, PA

When Maya & Pierre contacted us to photograph their engagement party, we were ecstatic to learn it would take place at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Little did we know, not only did they reserve the whole museum (grand staircase and all), but they weren’t kidding when they told us it would be a “party”. Below are some of our favorite images from yesterday’s big celebration. Stay tuned for more images to come!


Perla + Dan’s Wedding Teasers

It seemed like only yesterday when Dan + Perla joined Jon in Brooklyn for their engagement session. This past Friday, Dreamlite Photography had the honor of accompanying this lovely couple for their big wedding celebration. The very first photo — the handmade wedding cake toppers– is only one of the many spectacular DIY details our bride chose for their wedding day (get your own unique caketopper here on etsy). Dan and Perla tied the knot at the Notre Dame Church, followed by a gorgeous wedding reception at The Madison Hotel. In conjunction with the bride + groom, we were ecstatic to have our very first photo booth at their wedding. To describe this photo booth as “wildly popular” would probably be an understatement… don’t just believe our word; go here to see all the photos for yourselves.

Congratulations once again to Perla + Dan, and we hope you all enjoy the photos below. Be sure to follow us on facebook!


Ben + Fanny’s Wedding

In case you missed Fanny and Ben’s wedding teasers from a few weeks back, be sure to check them out here. Back in early September, we joined this wonderful couple for their wedding celebration. Their ceremony took place at RCCC, followed by a relaxing Crowne Plaza reception in Edison, NJ. The Matron of Honor’s speech was by far one of the funniest deliveries we have heard all summer. Among the “welcome to your new marriage” gifts presented by the Matron of Honor, she made sure to include a giant bag of nacho cheesy Doritos. Apparently these chips are the groom’s keys to winning over his new wife’s favor (and besides, you can’t not listen to advice given by the bridesmaids). In regards to the dance floor, it was pretty packed all night long. Special thanks to the guest entertainers of the night (aka one father in particular) for motivating all of the young children to stay on the dance floor.

Wedding bands: Fords Jewelers
Diamonds: Helzberg Diamonds
Vera Wang Dress: Isabelle’s
Music & Entertainment by DJ Jason Estes of Elite Entertainment

Congratulations once again to Fanny + Ben!


Tom + Lisa’s Wedding

Lisa and Tom’s wedding celebration couldn’t have taken place at a better time in the year. Their late September wedding was well complimented with the cool, cloudy and breezy autumn weather. On the morning of, our groom Tom told us one thing: “Make sure you take lots of photos of those shoes…” Not just because our bride chose purple wedding shoes, or the fact that they were Gucci shoes, but because he had tracked this exact pair down all the way across the country (to be specific, Las Vegas)… for his bride. Talk about commitment!

After a great portrait session by the shore, we continued to The Channel Club for both their ceremony and reception. The night was filled with a whole lot of dancing, music, speeches and great food. One of our favorite moments of the night came immediately after the traditional bouquet/garter toss. If any of you ladies have ever been on the “hot seat,” you know this moment can be really awkward- especially when some guy (often a stranger) places the garter up your leg. The garter-wielding groomsman kindly introduced himself and proceeded like a real gentleman.

Congratulations once again to Lisa and Tom on your new marriage!!
Wedding Ceremony/Reception: The Channel Club of Monmouth Beach, NJ
Dress: Matthew Christopher Dress from Castle Couture
Florist: Colts Neck Greenhouse Gallery and Florist

In case you missed their wedding teaser post, be sure to catch up here.


Grace + Marvin’s Wedding

This past weekend, we had the incredible opportunity of photographing Grace and Marvin’s wedding celebrations in the coastal town of Half Moon Bay, CA. Their two day wedding celebrations included a casual, Saturday evening patio bbq followed by a Sunday brunch, both located at a cozy little bed & breakfast spot called The San Benito House. Since we were situated right by the Pacific coastline, we found some really exceptional places to do portraits. Topped off with amazing california weather (sunny and 70’s) all throughout the weekend, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Congratulations once again to Grace and Marvin, and be sure to check our blog again in the coming weeks for more photos.


Tom + Lisa’s Wedding Teasers

We could tell you all about how these lovebirds tied the knot at The Channel Club of Monmouth Beach, or the fact that Tom & Lisa’s kids are so adorable, one of them tried to get mom’s attention towards the end of the ceremony. We could write all about their elegant choice of wedding rings, or how Lisa ordered the coooolest wedding bouquet in the world for their wedding. We could go on and rave about their over-the-top patience with us as we worked on bridal portraits at the chilly jersey shore… but instead, we’ll leave you with some awesome images from this past weekend. We really hope you enjoy the latest set of teasers on our blog… and to Lisa + Tom, congratulations to you both!

(if you haven’t done so, be sure to connect with us on facebook!)


Ben + Fanny’s Wedding Teasers

This past Labor Day weekend we were honored to have documented the wedding of Fanny & Ben. The wedding ceremony took place at Fanny’s home church, RCCC, followed by an awesome wedding reception at the Crowne Plaza of Edison. Oh yeah, if you’re doing a double take on our lovely bride’s gorgeous wedding gown… that’s right, that one is by Vera Wang. 🙂

Enjoy our latest wedding teasers, and stay tuned for more!


William + Vicky’s Wedding || Brooklyn Weddings

After recovering from a triple-wedding holiday weekend, we’re excited to share a visual sneak peek of images from William & Vicky’s wedding celebration in Brooklyn, NY. Here are a few of our favorite images from this past Saturday’s wedding. Visit our facebook page to see more photos + follow us!


Karl + Michelle’s Wedding

In case you need a refresher, be sure to check out the teaser photos from Karl and Michelle’s wedding day. Karl and Michelle’s wedding day celebration was as smooth as could be- their schedule was simple, easy-going, and filled with a whole lot of celebration. The ceremony was held at the Calvary Baptist Church of Little Egg Harbor, followed by portraits at the nearby Freedom Fields Park. Although the weather was quite sunny and humid on the day of, our bride and groom handled the conditions wonderfully (and just as we assure all our couples, you can’t see “yucky weather” in the final portraits).

One of the most memorable aspects of their wedding day was learning that some of the bride’s relatives had come from Ecuador for the wedding. And for those of you who know about Jon’s three month photography work/adventures in Central America, this meant he was ecstatic to practice his Spanish with one of the bride’s aunt.

Once again, congratulations to Karl and Michelle on their beautiful marriage, and we hope you enjoy our latest photoset below.


Rowais + Marti || The Palace of Somerset Park

We’re very proud to showcase our latest set of wedding photos from this season. For all of you who have been waiting for this blogpost, well… it’s finally here! We were blessed with the opportunity to spend an entire day with our lovely bride and groom. The wedding day preparations took place at The Palace at Somerset Park, one of Central Jersey’s finest wedding venues. With an incredibly outgoing + friendly bridal party, we immediately felt at home even before things got busy. From the sporadic dance parties to the champagne toasts, their bridal party really knew how to have fun.

Having experienced so many firsts this year as a photography duo, we are proud to add “photographing a Coptic Orthodox wedding” onto our list. Rowais and Marti’s ceremony at St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church was unlike anything we had ever experienced before. A beautiful blend of culture, visuals, history, linguistic diversity (we spotted Greek, Coptic and Arabic among the church decor), coupled with a full house of wedding attendees, this is surely a wedding we’ll be reminiscing about for a long time.

The rest of the evening was spent in full-fledged celebration. From the great food (did we mention we love the food perks with our jobs?) to the dancing, we relished every moment of the night… obviously, behind our cameras. Other fun activities that our bride and groom had incorporated into the reception included a professional Caricaturist and a great photobooth.

Congratulations to our wonderful newlyweds Rowais + Marti, and we’re so thankful that you chose to include us in your wedding day!

Wedding Reception: The Palace at Somerset Park
Videography: Carlos of Iris Cinematics
Photography: Jon and Howie of Dreamlite Photography


Yun Seok + Esther’s Wedding

We are quite excited to share with you all our latest set of wedding photos. Esther and Yun Seok tied the knot on perhaps the hottest day (if not, the hottest weekend) of the summer. Though the weather was a sizzling 120 degrees in the afternoon, we strategically spent much of our time indoors. Our gorgeous bride first had her hair done at Luna Salon, then continuing on to the phenomenal Hyatt at The Bellevue for the remainder of the morning.

We found a great, glass-ceiling skywalk to have their “first look” at. The midday light was diffused just enough to create a beautiful, clean and simple setting for this husband- and wife-to-be. Their hug afterwards was probably one of my top 5 favorite moments of the day.

Come time for the group photos, I (Jon) had a blast working with their respective bridal parties. Fun, goofy, energetic and patient, this particular bridal party was definitely some of the most cooperative and friendly bridal party members I’ve ever had the chance to work with. After first utilizing an empty stage in The Bellevue for the bridesmaids, we ended up navigating through narrow alleyways in Center City for additional photos.

Their ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful Korean United Church of Philadelphia (esp. check out the interior photos below). The evening was topped off with heart-felt speeches, dancing, toasts, and a ginormous assortment of catered Korean food provided by Seorabol. Did we mention that we always get to eat at weddings? Certainly, we have pretty awesome jobs with equally awesome perks 🙂 Some fun facts about this wedding: wedding flowers were all home/handmade, and the delicious desserts were crafted by a pastry chef friend of theirs.

Congratulations once again to Yun Seok & Esther, and thank you for having me at your wedding day.


Rowais + Marti’s Wedding Teasers

Words can’t be begin to describe how amazingly unique & energetic this wedding was for us. Although we had an adventurous engagement session last fall with this couple, we had no idea what to expect for their wedding day. Check out our teaser photos below, and especially take note of all the colors and stunning visuals in their beautiful, eye-grabbing Coptic Orthodox ceremony photos. Certainly one of those “you had to be there” kind of weddings. Come back to our blog in a few weeks for a full set of photos!

Once again, congratulations to our friends Rowais and Marti on their new marriage.


Yun Seok + Esther’s Wedding Teasers

Below are some of my (Jon’s) favorite images from their wedding day. Not only did we brave the 100 degree heat throughout the whole day,  when it came time for the bridal portraits in the center city area of Philly, we were blessed with cloudy skies, shaded alleys, and a little bit of breeze. Congratulations again to Yun Seok & Esther, and stay tune for more photos in the coming weeks.


A Wedding in Nicaragua

(written by Jon. wedding took place on 02/06/11)

Location: León, Nicaragua
Skills Used: Slight eavesdropping, Asking politely, Broken Spanish
Results:  One amazing experience after another

It all started with a late Friday afternoon staff meeting. I had been lounging around in the main office of Nuevas Esperanzas (an amazing, Nicaraguan-based NGO), waiting for the 2pm staff meeting to begin. Having been in Nicaragua for a few weeks already, I thought this upcoming weekend would be like any other- exploring the city, enjoying some downtime and sharpening my Spanish. One of my coworkers leaned over and asked one of our directors, “I wonder who is getting married tomorrow at the Cathedral…”

“Wait?! Wedding? Married? How did you know there was a wedding? I’d love to go to a wedding! I’m a wedding photographer!” I jumped in excitedly.

After some more investigating, it turned out my coworker’s husband was the Executive Chef of the premier hotel & wedding reception venue in the region– Hotel El Convento. Saturday’s wedding was to take place at the Cathedral, followed by an evening reception at that exact wedding venue. Better yet, he was happy to ask the newlyweds-to-be if I could tag along for the wedding day, photograph unobtrusively, and deliver them a CD of photos after the wedding. Saturday afternoon came, and still no word about the wedding. I was ready to call it quits and join my friends for a local boxing match, when, a few hours before the wedding ceremony was to start, I received a phone call from my coworker…  I was good to go!

Although the wedding ceremony was scheduled to begin at 7pm, the bride didn’t arrive until almost an hour later. Regardless, the ceremony proceeded beautifully. Everyone from the guests to the bridal party looked extra sharp in their attire, and the bride herself was especially stunning in her white gown. Being the one and only Cathedral in the town of León, as well as an important historical landmark, many of the people passing through the Cathedral were a mixture of tourists and locals alike. All throughout the ceremony, I watched a myriad of unfamiliar, traditional Catholic traditions unfold. Coupled with a whole lot of fast-spoken Spanish, I never really understand much at all. Of all the weddings I have been to over the last few years, this was my very first traditional Catholic wedding… and it was in Nicaragua. Thousands of miles away from home, and casually taking photos at a wedding? Thrilled would have been an understatement. (Oh and about the drunk guy who kept harassing me and shouting at me during the ceremony? The one I had to ask National Police security officers to remove? Email me and I’ll gladly tell you the story.)

As stated earlier, I was nothing more than an “unofficial third shooter” by most accounts. Technically, I did in fact receive the permissible “OK” from the bride & groom to attend the wedding. In fact, I spent most of  the ceremony photographing from the right side of the pews, maneuvering slowly and trying to ignore the incessant (and well deserved) stares of others… among other things, being the only Asian-looking person in the entire cathedral of hundreds of attendees (Not to mention my 2 DSLRs on me, a camera bag, blue polo shirt, beige khakis, and running sneakers amongst a throng of suit+ties and gorgeous evening gowns). As for proper photographer etiquette, I did make it a point to introduce myself to the two official photographers before the ceremony started– Otto J. Mejia & Enmanuel Barquero. They were both incredibly friendly & welcoming, and though I assured them I wouldn’t step on their toes throughout the night, they welcomed me like family. I carpooled with them to the reception, joined in for some portraits, and ate a fantastic meal at their table. Be sure to click on their names above & check out their photography work.

Some fun facts:
-Initial construction of the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of León began in 1747
-Had been told that the strawberries served at the cocktail hour were imported for that special evening.
-While everyone I met that night spoke Spanish, many spoke a high-level of English, too. Not common to find oneself in this kind of situation in Central America.
-Hotel El Convento was originally built in the 1600’s, deteriorated, and rebuilt to it’s current state in the mid 1990’s. Find them also on facebook.

Last but not least, below are a selection of my favorite images from that evening. Enjoy.


Mike + Justine’s Wedding

Having recently capped off an exciting, relaxing and adventurous winter break, we’re excited to share with you our first full wedding set of the year. After spending the morning getting her hair done with Peach (hairstylist at Tekniques Salon), Justine headed home for makeup with a MAC artist and some quality time with her ladies.

Typically, you might expect the groomsmen to be going about their day in this order 1) sleeping in 2) watching t.v. 3) drinking beers 4) getting their suits on 30 minutes before the ceremony. However, Mike and his groomsmen had other plans. Their morning started with a 10am appointment at the Old World Shaving Parlor in Red Bank, NJ. This old fashion barbershop had all the makings of a classic movie… shaving cream, steaming hot face towels, and an ultra-smooth razor shave. Until that day, we (as wedding photographers) had never heard of this service before, but we definitely recommend this Red Bank parlor to everyone.

The rest of the morning was spent getting ready with close friends and family. One of the many unique aspects of their wedding day was the trolley they rented for transportation. Thanks to the Long Branch Trolley Company, the bridal parties traveled to both the ceremony and reception in style. Their ceremony– packed with friends and family, a healthy dose of humorous moments, and a beautiful exchange of vows– seemed to go just as planned. If we were asked to pick our favorite moment of the day, it would probably be at the very beginning of the ceremony. Rather than timidly walking down the aisle as many ringbearers do, these young fellows bolted down the aisle as if it were the finish line to the NYC Marathon. Photographic proof can be seen on the teaser post here.

Afterwards, we headed down the street to the regionally famous, family-run Delicious Orchards. How in the world, might you ask, did we get permission to photograph the bride and groom at a country market? Easy… our awesome groom is a part of this family business. When we finished the bridal party photos inside the market itself, we spent some time doing portraits of Mike and Justine at the farm next door… also a part of Mike’s family!

We finished off the night at the phenomenal Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune City, NJ. There was plenty of dancing, celebrating and toasting to go around for our newlyweds. Though we already expected our bride and groom to lead their guests in an all-nightlong dance party, they certainly couldn’t have done it without the exceptional live music provided by Platinum Band Music. Hands down, the best live music wedding band we’ve seen in NJ. At one point near the end of the night, Jon had mentioned to Howie, “Man.. I would definitely like to have this band at my own wedding someday.” Congratulations once again to Mike & Justine on their new marriage!


Finally, a list of the awesome vendors we met along the way:

Delicious Orchards

Long Branch Trolley Company (Bridal Party Transportation)

Colts Neck Reformed Church (Wedding Ceremony) 72 County Road 537 East, Colts Neck, NJ

Jumping Brook Country Club, Neptune City, NJ  (Wedding Reception)

Tekniques Salon (hair stylist: Peach) of Shrewsbury, NJ

Old World Shaving Parlor

Platinum Band Music

Leonardo Jewelers (


Mike + Justine Wedding Teaser

Now that we’re both back in NJ for another wedding season, it would be an understatement to say that the 2011 season couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. Though our bodies are still recovering from yesterday’s wedding celebration, we’re excited to share with you a few teaser photos from Mike and Justine’s big day. Congratulations you two!


Ryan + Betty’s Wedding

A few months back, we had the privilege of photographing Ryan and Betty’s wedding.

It is always great to shoot the bride in a place she is very familiar with, as we did most of our shoot at her  alma mater (Rutgers University). We did the bridal party session on Busch Campus. Ryan and Betty’s ceremony took place at the beautiful Kirkpatrick Chapel. We originally worried about the red hued walls of the chapel, but nevertheless everything turned out great. Our bride also chose red brides maid dresses which matched the chapel’s interior very well.

When we photographed the entire bridal party, Ryan and Betty had the great idea of incorporating parasols for the photos. We felt very privileged when we received their Thank You card in the mail– they had used one of the bridal party images as on their card! (see final image)

Congratulations again to Ryan & Betty.


Frank + Crystal Wedding

Earlier this fall, we journeyed southwards to our nation’s capital for Frank and Crystal’s wedding. Their wedding month, September, is perhaps one of our favorite wedding months for the simple fact that the weather is spectacular on the East Coast. The plant life retains their beautiful colors, and the daytime sunshinyness certainly compliments the evening chill.

Frank and Crystal made sure to set aside some time before the ceremony to get a ‘first glance’ of their spouses-to-be. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s a really special moment that some couples decide to incorporate in their wedding day. It’s a time when both escape from chaos that is often found the morning of a wedding day, and spend a few intimate moments together just soaking in the day as a couple. As photographers, it’s also one of the few times we have noticed couples cherish the wedding day, together, while also having a breather.

Frank and Crystal were sure to set aside ample time for bridal party photos. We spent the next 3 hours limo-ing around Washington D.C. for some great scenery. Included in our stops were the Netherlands Carillon, Kalorama Spanish Steps, and the area in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Having gotten to know Frank and Crystal a little bit better after the few hours we spent doing their engagement session, we knew right away their goofy, comical side would be intertwined in their wedding day. It came as a little surprise when we were given a “heads up” to a particular part in their ceremony. After the officiant asked who gives this woman to this man, Crystal’s parents responded “we do.” Immediately after, Frank’s parents popped up from their seats and announced in harmony, “We do, too!” Good humor runs in the family.

Everyone celebrated the night away at the beautiful Key Bridge Marriot. We essentially had an entire floor to ourselves—tantalizing food, great music, and a whole lot of celebrating. One of our favorite moments from the night included the duet speech by the Fathers—yes, they took turns speaking lines that not only rhymed, but were momentous and quite hilarious as well.

Salon: Beautiful Life Salon (311 North Washington Street, Rockville, MD 20850-1705)
Ceremony Location
: Key Bridge Marriott


Alejandro + Chelsey Wedding

Our chance encounter with this lovely couple is by far one of the craziest and most interesting stories we’ll probably ever tell to our children (many years down the road). Unlike the majority of the couples and families we have worked with, we weren’t referred to Alejandro and Chelsey by friends or past clients. In fact, we were the ones who had responded to an online ad they had posted looking for photographers for their wedding. Responding to online classifieds is something we almost never do– simply because there are so many listings, and it’s not generally our preferred approach to connecting with potential couples. However, the more we talked with Alejandro and Chelsey’s about their wedding, the more we were certain we wanted to be a part of their big day. When Chelsey first wrote to us, her email read, “You’re style is beautiful and exactly what we’re looking for.” They planned on having their wedding at an outdoor rustic barn, situated in the beautiful Ohio countryside.  Learning later on that Chelsey and Alejandro were both artists (a license for good taste) and similar to us in age, we were confident this would be a pretty sweet wedding. We only spoke on the phone once before we took the six hundred and something mile journey out to Bellville, Ohio for their wedding.

Every aspect of their wedding day went smoothly (Of course, we ran into the usual wedding day obstacles of misplaced items and late arrivals, but what wedding doesn’t have these things?). The bridal party was a blast to photograph– creative, easy-going, and had no problem being in front of the camera or making the bride- and groom-to-be laugh on request. Come time for the ceremony at the Meadowood Centre, the soft evening light added the perfect touch to an intimate summer wedding. The catered food was deliciously homey, and the music selection matched perfectly with the evening setting. Best of all, you knew that these two beautiful people were getting married for the first, last, and only time in their lives. Be sure to check out the polaroid photo booth that our bride & groom had created for their wedding guests to take part in.

Chelsey and Alejandro: thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day, and to everyone else, we hope you enjoy our latest wedding set.


Some cool facts about their wedding:
-the barn’s origins date back to the 1820’s
-A handful of the bridal party members hailed from NJ/NY (just like us!)
-Parts of The Shawshank Redemption were filmed in nearby Mansfield, Ohio, where our hotel was located
-Many of the details of the wedding day, including the cake topper, were handmade by the bride, groom & family
-by far the coolest photo booth setup for wedding guests… EVER.

AC post final-209 (more…)

Paul + Jen Wedding Teaser

For our most recent wedding, we ventured all the way down to a world of waterfalls, sea creatures and flying species alike– at the National Baltimore Aquarium in Maryland. Our newlyweds Paul and Jen tied the knot at a place some regard as one of the magnificent aquariums in the world. For now, here’s a sneak peek into their wedding day. Enjoy these images!

And in case you haven’t seen their engagement photos taken last January, check them out here.