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Meghan + Brian || National Aviary in Pittsburgh

We’ve been to a lot of unique wedding venues– Spanish colonial-era churches, aquariums, island resorts, museums– but photographing at an aviary is a first for us. Even cooler is the fact that this wedding didn’t happen at just any ordinary aviary. Brian and Meghan celebrated their wedding at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, the largest and most diverse aviary within the entire United States. Housing over 600 animals, this venue offered a fun and picturesque setting for their wedding. During cocktail hour, guests were encouraged to roam through the various wildlife exhibits.Throughout the evening, the staff were kind enough to bring out a few different animals for a close-up experience (don’t miss out on the penguin and owl photos below!)

Perhaps our favorite moment of the day was when we photographed the big bridal party portrait below. We gave the groom a few pointers on how to open a bottle of champagne- the photo-worthy way-  and he didn’t put enough emphasis on the pop. Out of nowhere, the bride commandeers the bottle and furiously shook the bottle, unleashing a fountain of champagne all over the bridal party.
(For those of you technically inclined, that photo below was taken at 200mm, full frame, so you can imagine how relieved we were to not have the champagne all over our cameras)

And THAT is how you celebrate your wedding with champagne.