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Georgia + Philip || Gainesville, VA

The last few months have been a whirlwind of busyness for us at Dreamlite, but we’re proud to interrupt our blog hiatus to share with you what we did this past weekend. We ventured all the way to Virginia to document Georgia + Philip’s wedding celebration, and we are incredibly excited to share with you some of our favorite frames from their big day.

From the custom dress hanger gifts to the many boxes of Chic-Fil-A, we saw this couples’ love of life (and people) evident all throughout the day. Yet, the sweetest things were those less obvious. In the short time we spent with the couple + their bridal party, we realized how authentically real their relationships were. Their sense of community + support were both subtle and loud, both Biblical and human. One of our favorite moments of the day happened right before their ceremony. Taking a more traditional approach, Georgie and Phil insisted on not seeing each other until the actual ceremony. However, they still wanted to pray together. We found a good spot for them to escape from the crowds, gave them some space, and let them pray it out. Beautiful.

For now, we’ve posted a handful of our favorite images from Sunday’s wedding. Be sure to check out our facebook page for more photos from their day. If you haven’t done so, “like” our page!! Congratulations once again to our newlyweds, Georgia and Philip.

Specials thanks to the wedding coordinator, Sokha, for carefully creating their wedding itinerary. She allotted extra “cushion” time throughout the days’ schedule, all of which we were grateful to have had. The day seriously wouldn’t have been as smooth if it weren’t for your coordinating expertise.


Maya + Pierre || Quakertown, PA

We’ve waited six months for this wedding day, and we’re thrilled to share some images from this Saturday’s celebration with Maya and Pierre.

Last November, we were honored to join this amazing couple for their engagement party at the Philadelphia Museum of Art– an evening so fantastic that we (of Dreamlite) couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks on end. Indeed, they were that kind of couple, and their party was that kind of awesome. Fast forward to this past weekend, where we documented Maya and Pierre’s catholic wedding ceremony at the Church of Saint Isidore in Quakertown, PA. Following their ceremony was a lunch reception at the Melt Restaurant, a new-americana food experience housed in an upscale setting. Thinking about their food still makes us salivate. Their evening celebration was one giant party, hosted at the bride’s familys’ estate, filled with hundreds of friends & family, delicious indian food (including a charcoal oven for fresh baked naan), and a whole lot of celebrating. From choreographed dance performances to comical music presentations by Pierre’s relatives (they flew in from France!), this truly unique wedding celebration could not be properly summarized by words alone.

Did we mention that our groom Pierre, a Parisian native, self-studied Hindi throughout the course of their dating life? If that isn’t a mark of real commitment, we don’t know what is. Better yet, when you check out the henna photos below… a word of advice: find someone who reads Hindi and see if you can find something ‘hidden’ within the henna.

For now, we’ll leave you with a whole set of teaser photos. Please enjoy them below, and follow us on facebook for more updates to come!


Lindsey + Keith’s Wedding Teasers

Everything lovely, refreshing, romantic and exciting wrapped itself up into this weekend’s wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Below are some of my favorite images from this weekend’s wedding celebration with Keith and Lindsey. Enjoy!

(stay tuned for more images to come)


Grace + Matt’s Snowy Engagement Teasers

It’s been nearly one week since that crazy snowstorm hit the Tri-State area… and what better way to reminisce than to share some photos from that weekend? On the morning of that snowy Saturday, we joined this lovely (and very brave) couple for their engagement session in Lambertville, New Jersey. We knew full well the weather would be messy, but little did we know what a gorgeous setting it would provide. Stay tuned for more photos in the coming week!


Mike + Justine’s Wedding

Having recently capped off an exciting, relaxing and adventurous winter break, we’re excited to share with you our first full wedding set of the year. After spending the morning getting her hair done with Peach (hairstylist at Tekniques Salon), Justine headed home for makeup with a MAC artist and some quality time with her ladies.

Typically, you might expect the groomsmen to be going about their day in this order 1) sleeping in 2) watching t.v. 3) drinking beers 4) getting their suits on 30 minutes before the ceremony. However, Mike and his groomsmen had other plans. Their morning started with a 10am appointment at the Old World Shaving Parlor in Red Bank, NJ. This old fashion barbershop had all the makings of a classic movie… shaving cream, steaming hot face towels, and an ultra-smooth razor shave. Until that day, we (as wedding photographers) had never heard of this service before, but we definitely recommend this Red Bank parlor to everyone.

The rest of the morning was spent getting ready with close friends and family. One of the many unique aspects of their wedding day was the trolley they rented for transportation. Thanks to the Long Branch Trolley Company, the bridal parties traveled to both the ceremony and reception in style. Their ceremony– packed with friends and family, a healthy dose of humorous moments, and a beautiful exchange of vows– seemed to go just as planned. If we were asked to pick our favorite moment of the day, it would probably be at the very beginning of the ceremony. Rather than timidly walking down the aisle as many ringbearers do, these young fellows bolted down the aisle as if it were the finish line to the NYC Marathon. Photographic proof can be seen on the teaser post here.

Afterwards, we headed down the street to the regionally famous, family-run Delicious Orchards. How in the world, might you ask, did we get permission to photograph the bride and groom at a country market? Easy… our awesome groom is a part of this family business. When we finished the bridal party photos inside the market itself, we spent some time doing portraits of Mike and Justine at the farm next door… also a part of Mike’s family!

We finished off the night at the phenomenal Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune City, NJ. There was plenty of dancing, celebrating and toasting to go around for our newlyweds. Though we already expected our bride and groom to lead their guests in an all-nightlong dance party, they certainly couldn’t have done it without the exceptional live music provided by Platinum Band Music. Hands down, the best live music wedding band we’ve seen in NJ. At one point near the end of the night, Jon had mentioned to Howie, “Man.. I would definitely like to have this band at my own wedding someday.” Congratulations once again to Mike & Justine on their new marriage!


Finally, a list of the awesome vendors we met along the way:

Delicious Orchards

Long Branch Trolley Company (Bridal Party Transportation)

Colts Neck Reformed Church (Wedding Ceremony) 72 County Road 537 East, Colts Neck, NJ

Jumping Brook Country Club, Neptune City, NJ  (Wedding Reception)

Tekniques Salon (hair stylist: Peach) of Shrewsbury, NJ

Old World Shaving Parlor

Platinum Band Music

Leonardo Jewelers (


Mike + Justine Wedding Teaser

Now that we’re both back in NJ for another wedding season, it would be an understatement to say that the 2011 season couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. Though our bodies are still recovering from yesterday’s wedding celebration, we’re excited to share with you a few teaser photos from Mike and Justine’s big day. Congratulations you two!


Mark + Vivian Wedding Teaser

Here’s our teasers from Saturday’s wedding. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

(P.S: The last one’s a little taste of how fun the entire wedding party was)

MV Slideshow-100 (more…)

Brian + Sara Teasers (Traditional Ceremony)

As many of our faithful viewers may recall, last week Jon had the opportunity to document Brian and Sara’s korean wedding ceremony. This past weekend, Howie went all the way to Minnesota for his good friend’s wedding, while Jon captured part two of Brian and Sara’s marriage celebration.

Here’s a little preview of their big day… enjoy!!

pBSateaser-1 (more…)

Chadwick + Brooke Wedding Teaser

This story begins in 2005 when I (Howie) moved to Chicago to go to Moody Bible Institute. I wanted to test fate and not specifically request specifics regarding a roommate. So not knowing what to expect, I moved into school the first day of orientation and met my roommate, Chadwick Bacon. We got to know each other very well, from me introducing him to weird smelling chinese snacks to Chad introducing me to his love of Chicago pizzas and we both shared our love for movies. Like most college roommates we shared about the girls we were interested in and girls we liked. But one night as we laid in our bunk beds talking before we went to bed (as we did most nights), he mentioned to me this girl that he was interested in named Brooke. I thought it was nice, but didn’t think that much about it. However, as the weeks went along and as I saw them interact with each other, I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be like a Gary Grobowski and Brooke Meyers story but more like a Harry Burns meets Sally Albright story.

So my once roommate went on to find a roommate for life. I couldn’t be more happy and excited to play a part in their wedding. Here are just the teasers from the wedding. Can’t wait to post more from this wedding! HC

CB teaser final-90 (more…)

Brian + Sara Teasers (Korean Ceremony)

Our summer wedding season is in full swing!!

Jon has the honor of photographing Brian and Sara for back-to-back weekends. This past weekend, this awesome couple celebrated their union with a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, while this upcoming weekend will be their traditional “american” ceremony. Meanwhile, Howie’s currently on the plane to Minnesota for another wedding (but that’s a whole ‘nother story…)

As always, here’s a sneak preview of a few favorites from last Saturday. Enjoy!

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Howie + Diana Wedding Teasers

One of Dreamlite’s very own has tied the knot!!!!

Here are some teaser images from Howie and Diana’s wedding yesterday. Enjoy everybody, and super duper congratulations to Howie and Diana!

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Frank + Crystal Engagement

Right when winter was turning into spring, we joined Frank and Crystal in Washington D.C. for an amazing engagement shoot. Among other things, we had the chance to stop by some spectacular monuments at our nation’s capital, as well as admire the cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

Though we started around 7:30am (hoping to beat the crowds), hundreds of tourists were already at the National Mall for the blossoms. However, we managed to dodge the crowds for some pretty sweet images. CONGRATULATIONS Crystal and Frank, and thanks again for taking us around the city & for treating us to a great brunch at Kramerbooks & Afterwords— a neat cafe/bookstore/restaurant of sorts.

FrankCrystalpost-1 (more…)

Frank + Crystal Engagement Teaser

We journeyed all the way down to Washington D.C. for Frank & Crystal’s engagement session. As always, here are a few teaser images!

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Colin + Ann Teasers

Greetings from the West Coast!

This past week, I (Jon) had the amazing opportunity to fly out to California and photograph my friends’ wedding. The four days I spent in California were jam packed with pre-wedding celebrations, catching up with old friends, and lots of photography.

The engagement photos were taken at Hite Cove trail near the west entrance of Yosemite National Park. Their wedding ceremony took place at Summit Adventure in Bass Lake, CA. The very last photo was taken at Willow Creek, an awesome natural swimming hole/mountain creek near Bass Lake.

These teaser photos should give you a brief glimpse of the awesomeness that were these last few days. Enjoy them for the time being! And of course, many congratulations to Colin + Ann!!

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Eric + Wendy Wedding Teaser

This past weekend, we joined Eric and Wendy for their wedding day celebration. As always, here is a teaser post of a few shots while you’re all waiting for more!



Rutgersfest 2009 Teaser


Signed by The N Result band, photographed by Dreamlite Studios!