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Maya + Pierre || Quakertown, PA

We’ve waited six months for this wedding day, and we’re thrilled to share some images from this Saturday’s celebration with Maya and Pierre.

Last November, we were honored to join this amazing couple for their engagement party at the Philadelphia Museum of Art– an evening so fantastic that we (of Dreamlite) couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks on end. Indeed, they were that kind of couple, and their party was that kind of awesome. Fast forward to this past weekend, where we documented Maya and Pierre’s catholic wedding ceremony at the Church of Saint Isidore in Quakertown, PA. Following their ceremony was a lunch reception at the Melt Restaurant, a new-americana food experience housed in an upscale setting. Thinking about their food still makes us salivate. Their evening celebration was one giant party, hosted at the bride’s familys’ estate, filled with hundreds of friends & family, delicious indian food (including a charcoal oven for fresh baked naan), and a whole lot of celebrating. From choreographed dance performances to comical music presentations by Pierre’s relatives (they flew in from France!), this truly unique wedding celebration could not be properly summarized by words alone.

Did we mention that our groom Pierre, a Parisian native, self-studied Hindi throughout the course of their dating life? If that isn’t a mark of real commitment, we don’t know what is. Better yet, when you check out the henna photos below… a word of advice: find someone who reads Hindi and see if you can find something ‘hidden’ within the henna.

For now, we’ll leave you with a whole set of teaser photos. Please enjoy them below, and follow us on facebook for more updates to come!


Lindsey + Keith’s Wedding Teasers

Everything lovely, refreshing, romantic and exciting wrapped itself up into this weekend’s wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Below are some of my favorite images from this weekend’s wedding celebration with Keith and Lindsey. Enjoy!

(stay tuned for more images to come)


Ryan + Betty Wedding Teaser

For our latest wedding teasers, we decided to make the entire post black and white. It is something we’ve never done before, but we have definitely grown to appreciate the beauty that comes with black and white images.

On a sidenote, stay tuned because in the coming week we’ll be sure to release a few FULL photosets from this summer’s busy wedding season. Until then, do enjoy Ryan and Betty’s teasers!

RB teases-3 (more…)

Dan + Fran Wedding Teaser

We photographed Fran and Dan’s wedding up in Fishkill, NY on Thursday. As always, here are a few teaser images from their big day.. Enjoy and stay tuned for more to come!

DF-teaser-3 (more…)

Carlos + Toni Wedding Teaser

Here are a handful of teasers from our latest wedding– Carlos and Toni’s!


Paul + Jen’s Engagement Teaser

Here’s one of our favorite images from Paul and Jen’s engagement session in Philadelphia. For this teaser photo, we booked a permit at a really cool place– a prison. But not just any prison, this was taken at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

Stay tuned for more photos to come.

PaulJen Teaser-1a

Nick + Christine Wedding Teaser

This past weekend we traveled up north for Nick & Christine’s wedding in Vernon, NJ.

Here are a few teaser photos to keep you all in the wait. Enjoy!



Spencer’s Baby Portrait Teaser

Here are two teaser photos from a recent portrait session with baby Spencer, a six month old bundle of charm.
More photos to follow in the near future. Keep checking our blog!



Tommy + Karen Wedding Teaser

Here’s our latest teaser from this past weekend– Congratulations to TOMMY & KAREN on getting married!!!


Frank + Jennie Engagement Teaser

Our latest teaser post: Frank and Jennie’s engagement session on the gorgeous Douglass Campus (at Rutgers New Brunswick). Here’s a peek…



Wendy + Silas Teaser

Here’s our latest tease from this past weekend. Enjoy!



Stephanie + Johannes Teaser

Here’s a sneak peak from our latest wedding– congratulations to Stephanie and Johannes!



Ryan + Lauren Wedding Teaser

Here comes another teaser posting for all our faithful followers out there, especially all of the wonderful people who attended this wedding… this one’s for you guys!

Congratulations to Ryan and Lauren on their marriage, and thanks for letting us take part in your wedding day! More photos will be posted next week.



Wendy + Silas Engagement Teaser

Here’s a short teaser from Silas and Wendy’s engagement shoot. We can’t wait to show the rest– these shots will have to do for now! Also, soon to be posted are more wedding photos from Frank & Minna’s, as well as Ryan & Lauren’s. Check back in the next few days, folks.



Frank + Minna Wedding Teaser

On Saturday, we photographed the wedding of our friends Frank and Minna. Their wedding, which took place at the gorgeous Raritan Inn in Califon, NJ, was unbelievably picturesque. This beautiful country-inn / bed-and-breakfast venue made a great location for their wedding day. Here are two teasers we selected to post for now; we’ve still got a lot more work to do, as well as engagement + wedding photos to show you all very, very soon. Enjoy!


Lin Family Picnic Teaser + a New Watermark…

We’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks shooting, editting, and meeting up with clients. However, we found a few minutes tonight to make an announcement…

We decided to revamp our watermark, and what better way than to introduce it than with a teaser? We were cordially invited to join the Lin family at their family picnic in Colonial Park. Enjoy!

[stay tuned for more picnic photos + wedding photos to come in the next week]