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Mark + Grace’s Wedding

Back in February, I (Howie) had the opportunity to document the wedding day celebration of an old friend, Grace. This wedding was pretty different than the weddings we have done in the past; Grace and Mark’s wedding was both a celebration and a farewell. For the bride, Grace, this marked a new milestone in life, as her marriage meant a change of address thousands of miles away in California. Don’t get me wrong; the wedding was nonetheless a huge celebration, as everyone knew that her new life would be established with her new husband, Mark.

I was very fortunate to be able to part of their big day. To Mark & Grace: we wish you the best on your new life on the West Coast, and we hope everyone enjoys the latest photos on our blog. (HC)



Wendy + Silas

We’re very excited to finally do a blogpost on the Silas and Wendy’s big day!

The entire day was pretty much one big party. There were a ton of guests & relatives who flew all the way from the Lone Star State. The gigantic bridal party (we lost count… obviously, they are a well-loved couple!) was friendly, relaxed and very easy to work with. Not to mention a super-good-looking Bride and Groom.

Beyond all the partying, the day was full of emotions. Some of the most precious moments on a wedding day take place when the bride and groom see eachother for the first time, often as the bride approaches her groom down the aisle. It is in those few minutes that all those months of planning, stressing and anticipation fade away.

One photo that stands out to us is the 11th photo down. In the minutes leading up to the wedding ceremony, Silas had gathered in back office of the church with all of his groomsmen and the officiating pastor. His groomsmen gathered around him and laid their hands upon his shoulders for one last prayer. As they prayed for their fellow brother, his future marriage and bride, tears began streaming down his face. It is in these moments that make our job worthwhile.

In the end, it is not about photographing fancy weddings or beautiful venues. It is really about capturing those raw moments that unfold into a beautiful love story. This is exactly what we strive for constantly– and we do it with photographs.



Stephanie + Johannes

We decided to go all out on this one and post a TON of photos from their wedding. We had so many favorite shots, it just wouldn’t be fair to narrow the photos down to a select few.

Stephanie and Johannes’ wedding took place at the church we all grew up in with Steph– Rutgers Community Christian Church. Their delicious wedding reception was held at Sunny Palace on Rt. 18, and their gorgeous bridal party joined us for photos at Rutgers Gardens.

The best part of photographing a childhood friend’s wedding is seeing so many familiar faces during the wedding day. In many ways, it’s kind of like a big family gathering. Some of our favorite memories of the day include photographing Steph walking Sunnie (four-legged, bilingual member of the Chan Clan) around the neighborhood in her wedding dress, a jampacked church sanctuary including dozens of friends who flew from California (talk about good friends!), hearing German, Mandarin AND English all spoken in the same room, and Johannes’ solo rap performance in German at the very end of the night.

Congratulations to the both of you guys!