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Jenn + Mike || Central Park Engagements

Mike and Jenn braved the summer heat for this July engagement session. With all of us juggling extremely busy summer schedules, it was a miracle that we could meet up for this! Fortunately, this lovely couple worked through the heat, sweat & humidity without a single complaint. We ventured around Central Park– under bridges, behind fountains, on top of boulders, and even to one of my favorite (secret) spots– and we have the images to prove it.

Congratulations once again to Mike and Jenn on their engagement, and we wish you two the very best in your new future together.



Spencer in Central Park

It’s incredibly exciting when families call us back to do more photographs with them. As always, it was a really nice opportunity to see Spencer & his family again after a ten month hiatus.

Prior to beginning our session, Spencer’s parents warned me that he was “on his feet”, pretty much guaranteeing me a full afternoon of exercise… and correct they were. Spencer has grown quite a bit since our last session, and was certainly taking advantage of his newly acquired bipedal abilities.

We spent the afternoon in Central Park near one of my favorite photography locations, the 72nd street traverse. Though the park was crowded, as expected on a warm October afternoon, we quickly found a quaint little spot beneath the shade of a large tree.

Besides watching Spencer constantly snack throughout our two hour session, definitely one of my favorite moments that day had to be when Spencer sported his halloween costume– a full-body Elmo outfit. He definitely received his fair share of “awws” and “how cute!” from passersby. Thanks again to Spencer and his family for another great photography session!

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