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Moses + Tiff || UPenn Campus, Philadelphia

Jon’s first official tour of the University of Pennsylvania’s campus also happened to be for Moses + Tiff’s engagement session. We zig-zagged our way through campus, passing libraries, dorms, CHOP, beautiful architecture, and even took a visit to the “Dueling Tampons” . While Dreamlite won’t be there officially for their wedding celebration in the spring, Jon is extremely honored to be there as a groomsman.

Thanks again Moses + Tiff for getting engaged!  🙂

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Maya + Pierre’s Engagement Party || Philadelphia Museum of Art

Both of us are so very grateful to have been a part of Maya + Pierre’s engagement celebration back in November. A few hours before the party began, we joined this lovely couple for a portrait session in & around the Philadelphia Museum of Art (we were even granted access into a recently installed exhibit within the Philadelphia Museum of Art– a Hindu Temple). Wherever we went, whatever we did, one thing was for certain: Maya + Pierre needed no prompting when it came to making each other laugh. In fact, their inter-relational goofiness added just the right touch to our session, making our jobs that much easier.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… the rest of the night was one big party. The cocktail hour itself was fantastical- by and far, our favorite dish to eat that evening (in the rare moments we weren’t shooting, of course) was the kobe beef sliders. Coupled with a few heart-warming speeches, champagne toasts, and an even more amazing dinner selection, the night was finally topped off with lots and lots of dancing. Congratulations once again to Maya & Pierre, and we look forward to your wedding day in May!


Maya + Pierre’s Engagement Party Teasers || Philadelphia, PA

When Maya & Pierre contacted us to photograph their engagement party, we were ecstatic to learn it would take place at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Little did we know, not only did they reserve the whole museum (grand staircase and all), but they weren’t kidding when they told us it would be a “party”. Below are some of our favorite images from yesterday’s big celebration. Stay tuned for more images to come!