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George + Martina || The Tides Estate

What an incredible way to wrap up our 2016 wedding season with George and Martina’s wedding.

After an exciting morning filled with laughter, singing, thoughtful gift exchanges and stunning wedding details, our bride and groom had their first look at Kakiat Park in Montebello, NY. Admittedly, the weather was bone chillingly cold. We are both grateful that our large bridal party was brave enough to battle the cold for a quick portrait session at the park.

George and Martina got married at St. Mary & St. Pachomious Coptic Orthodox Church in Stony Point, NY. Over the last few years, we’ve had the privilege of photographing quite a few Coptic Orthodox weddings. If you’ve never been to one, then surely you are missing out. From a visual perspective, there so many beautiful aspects that make up the wedding ceremony. Between the crowning of the bride and bridegroom to ceremonial robes draped upon the couple, to the anointing and reciting of scripture, the many traditions seen at a Coptic Orthodox Ceremony highlight the sanctity of marriage within the Christian church. Although the entire ceremony is performed in Arabic (of which neither one of us speaks), we’ve thankfully been invited to enough Coptic weddings to know how it flows. Although we know the routine, we love the challenge of seeking out unique wedding moments— whether it be candid or emotional or just plain comical— and thats really what we love about photographing weddings.

Immediately after the ceremony, we headed towards one of the most elegant venues in New Jersey, The Tides Estate. Their wedding reception was packed with a whole lot of celebrating and fun details. We especially enjoyed their miniature-house gift card holder, and the decadent wedding cake featuring fresh orchids. Right after dinner, the bride led her bridesmaids in a surprise dance performance for the groom; the rest of the evening was spent on the dance floor.

George and Martina, thank you for allowing us to pop a champagne bottle during our final portrait session that evening hours. We hope that image captures the emotions you felt that day as two became one.



Olga + Ray || 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Like most couples, Olga + Ray spent the better part of the last year planning for their event. And just like most couples, their recent celebration was the conclusion of ideas + speeches + stylistic decisions made over this past year. In fact, details to their wedding day were simply perfect. From the charming wedding invitations packaged in sleek boxes to the stylishly timeless custom red gown to the magnificent reception decorations; the list could go on forever. Yet beyond all of the details + planning that took place, the real reason for celebrating was 25 years in the making.

This past October marked the 25th anniversary of Olga + Ray’s beloved wedding day… and what better way to commemorate their anniversary than with a celebration? Surrounded by many of the same faces from two and a half decades before, Ray + Olga honored their wedding milestone with a vow renewal ceremony, followed by an evening overflowing with speeches, loved ones, and an endless amount of joyous dancing.

Many of the values that have deeply rooted them in their marriage– commitment, love, grace and faith–became more and more clear to us as the day progressed. At the day’s end, that is what it as really about, anyways. Twenty five years of wedded bliss, one beloved son, and decades of memories together with both family + friends… that’s what we were all there to truly celebrate. Having realized this in retrospect, we’re happy to say that their anniversary celebration was nothing short of spectacular.

A sincere congratulations to Olga + Ray on their 25th anniversary, and we wish you and your beautiful family many more anniversaries to come.