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Mark + Grace’s Wedding

Back in February, I (Howie) had the opportunity to document the wedding day celebration of an old friend, Grace. This wedding was pretty different than the weddings we have done in the past; Grace and Mark’s wedding was both a celebration and a farewell. For the bride, Grace, this marked a new milestone in life, as her marriage meant a change of address thousands of miles away in California. Don’t get me wrong; the wedding was nonetheless a huge celebration, as everyone knew that her new life would be established with her new husband, Mark.

I was very fortunate to be able to part of their big day. To Mark & Grace: we wish you the best on your new life on the West Coast, and we hope everyone enjoys the latest photos on our blog. (HC)



Mark + Grace’s Wedding Teaser

Today was the start of Dreamlite’s 2011 wedding season. What better way to start this season then with a chance to shoot a friend of ours, Grace’s wedding to Mark. I (Howie) shot this wedding solo as Jon, Dreamlite’s other photographer was still on assignment in Central America. (Check out his travel blog,

It was great to see how many people from her church mentioned how much they would miss her, as she starts her new life with Mark in California. As much as they hated for her to go, they all understood that this was the next step in God’s plan for her life. It was a touching wedding, sometimes you don’t need a lot of a things going on in your wedding to make it nice. Thanks Grace and Mark for having me be a part of your wedding, it was simple but sweet. (HC)