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Grace + Matt’s Wedding Teasers

From the moment we got home on Sunday night, it took every ounce in our bodies to fight off the urge to edit all of the images from Grace & Matt’s wedding. Having awesome couples to work with has but one downfall– there’s so many images you want to share on your blog, and not enough bandwidth to share them all. From the guys’ morning trip to Shaving Grace Barbers for an upscale “gentlemen’s barbering experience” to an absolutely stunning bride with her birdcage veil, we had a hard time choosing a few images to share.

For now, here’s a little preview from Grace & Matt’s wedding. Enjoy the images below, and stay tuned for more images to come!

(Oh, and in the event you don’t recognize their lovely faces, three words for you: epic. snow. portrait.)


Grace + Matt’s Engagement

A few weeks back, we spent some time with this lovely couple for their engagement session. On the few days leading up to their session, the weather forecast was variably unpredictable. Although Matt and Grace were adamant on having some photos taken with the fall foliage, we were a tad nervous about the possible precipitation. It turns out, we got both… and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Since Matt and Grace got engaged in the town of Lambertville, they felt it was only fitting to having their photos done there as well. Lambertville has “small town feel” written all over it- awesome little coffee shops, beautiful architecture, and just the right amount of charm. Don’t miss this post! Below are our favorite images from Matt and Grace’s engagement session (and for their teaser post, click this link). Matt + Grace, we look forward to your wedding day next May 🙂


Grace + Matt’s Snowy Engagement Teasers

It’s been nearly one week since that crazy snowstorm hit the Tri-State area… and what better way to reminisce than to share some photos from that weekend? On the morning of that snowy Saturday, we joined this lovely (and very brave) couple for their engagement session in Lambertville, New Jersey. We knew full well the weather would be messy, but little did we know what a gorgeous setting it would provide. Stay tuned for more photos in the coming week!