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Family Portraits in New Jersey

While we’re not documenting wedding celebrations, we’re spending time with some amazing families. Many of the families we photograph are families we’ve been blessed to know over the last few years. This particular family has been in front of the Dreamlite cameras since early 2010. What began as a family of 3 has grown into an incredibly warm + joyful family of 5!

Background on the first photo seen below: Mom + Dad have a “no jumping on the bed” rule at home… but when the family photographer came by for an official photo visit, exceptions were happily made. Here are some of our favorite images from their session:



Spencer in Central Park

It’s incredibly exciting when families call us back to do more photographs with them. As always, it was a really nice opportunity to see Spencer & his family again after a ten month hiatus.

Prior to beginning our session, Spencer’s parents warned me that he was “on his feet”, pretty much guaranteeing me a full afternoon of exercise… and correct they were. Spencer has grown quite a bit since our last session, and was certainly taking advantage of his newly acquired bipedal abilities.

We spent the afternoon in Central Park near one of my favorite photography locations, the 72nd street traverse. Though the park was crowded, as expected on a warm October afternoon, we quickly found a quaint little spot beneath the shade of a large tree.

Besides watching Spencer constantly snack throughout our two hour session, definitely one of my favorite moments that day had to be when Spencer sported his halloween costume– a full-body Elmo outfit. He definitely received his fair share of “awws” and “how cute!” from passersby. Thanks again to Spencer and his family for another great photography session!

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Vicky + Christian

Hey everybody! This is Jon Tan here, writing out our latest blog entry.

We’ve been so busy the last few weeks with editing, album building, signing with awesome new clients (hooray!) and replying to a boatload of emails that we’ve been neglecting our blog postings.

This mother and son session took place a few weeks before the winter frost set in. I arrived embarrassingly late (well over an hour) since my train ride back from NYC that afternoon was delayed. As soon as I hopped off the train, I ran to my car and sped all the way to the park. Thankfully we had enough evening sunlight to shoot a good hour of photos.

Having never met Vicky before in person, I looked around hoping for someone to approach me as I carried my camera bag on my shoulder. The next thing I knew, I felt someone wrapping their little arms around my legs in a bear-cub-style hug. Without saying a word, he ran off… and that’s how Christian introduced himself to me.

Normally during a family photo session, we as photographers bring along many of the activity and posing ideas. However, this time it was very different. Vicky had brought along all the awesome ideas to keep her son active and entertained. She brought along his bicycle, a football, a soccer ball and homemade chocolate-frosted cupcakes with sprinkles. This made my job a hundred times easier, allowing me to focus on creating some fun images.

Thank you Vicky and Christian for the fun session, and Mr. Daniel Liu for referring us to family!



Ming + Michelle Family Session

Had a wonderful time photographing this family of three at Johnson Park in Piscataway, NJ. The trees were  beginning to show their autumn colors, making the scenery just right for our session. The soft afternoon light also added it’s own special touch to the setting… really, the perfect day in the park!

Jonathan (the cute kid in the photos below) had just woken up from his afternoon nap, but it didn’t take long before he was in full gear. It was really fun to watch him munch on rice cake after rice cake. It was also exciting to see him go down the slide and then climb back up to the top all by himself. Now, how many two years olds have YOU seen do that?

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