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Josh + Vanessa || Royce Brook Golf Club Weddings

Autumn is quickly becoming our favorite season to photograph weddings, and Josh + Vanessa’s celebration is one more reminder of that.

This couple couldn’t have picked a better time to tie the knot. The weather on their big day was absolutely perfect, and the entire wedding day went forward without a hitch. The most enjoyable part of our day was realizing how relaxed our newlyweds were throughout the day. Vanessa + Josh exchanged marriage covenants at the Calvary Baptist Church in village of Millstone, NJ, followed by a wonderful reception at  the Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough. Not only were we blessed with the full array of fall colors, but also we had superb weather to go with it. To top it all off, we were blown away with the fall colors + dramatic clouds that surrounded us during the afternoon portrait session.

Beyond all the dancing and music, there were two games during the reception that we will definitely never forget. Typically after the bouquet and garter toss, the two resulting catchers get the center spotlight on the floor. Instead of having the winning guy put the garter on the winning gal (the maid of honor, in this case), the guy was blindfolded before he made it to the dance floor. Quickly, the maid of honor switched with another guest from the crowd, and a good comic relief ensued.

After the speeches, masked groomsmen “kidnapped” Josh away into the parking lot, unaware that he was about to lose his pants. You heard right; the groomsmen brought him out to the parking, removed his suit pants, and told him they’d be right back. They tied the pant legs off, returned to the reception, and collected money from the wedding guests inside. The money was later determined to be a surprise monetary gift to the couple on their honeymoon.

All in all, everything turned out all right that day… just as our bride + groom had hoped for.

Thanks again to Josh + Vanessa for inviting us along for the celebration, for giving us the “o.k” to use sparklers near their wedding bands, and we wish them the very best in their new life together.




Diana + Brian || Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ

This past weekend, we had the honor of celebrating (and documenting) this awesome couple’s wedding day. With a jam-packed schedule– along with a few surprises tucked in between– we had been anticipating their big day for many months now.

Diana and Brian chose to tie the knot at the Christian Evangelical Missions Church in North Jersey, followed by an afternoon reception at the gorgeous Mayfair Farms.

For most couples, a “wedding day surprise” often culminates into a personalized card attached to a thoughtful giftbox with a ribbon on top. For Brian and Diana, their surprises were a lot more intricate, well-planned, choreographed, and best of all, from the heart.

Little did they know that each of them had a surprise for the other.. but thankfully, we were informed of both. Brian took charge of the microphone and, along with his trusted groomsmen, delivered a great acapella performance for his new wife. Her teary-eyed reaction was definitely one of our favorite moments from that afternoon (as seen below).

My (Jon’s) first and only encounter with Diana happened many years ago at Rutgers University. The only thing I remembered about her was her affiliation with a dance team ministry on campus. A few months ago, Diana had sent us an e-mail, letting us in on a big surprise, for Brian, on the wedding day. She was planning to choreograph a flash mob dance performance, involving dozens of guests from their wedding + a whole lot of confetti. It was really quite amazing… there’s no other way to put it (and one of those moments where we wish we had a video camera on hand).

We hope you enjoy the photos below, and we want to extend a humongous congratulations to our newlyweds Diana + Brian on their new lives together!!

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