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Cindy + Derek || Winter Weddings at The Addison Park

Almost one year ago today, we were delighted to have wrapped up our wedding season with Cindy + Derek’s gorgeous engagement session in Savannah, Georgia. Once again, we find ourselves finishing off the 2014 wedding season with the same amazing couple… and we couldn’t be more honored to do so with anybody else.

Truth be told, we at Dreamlite Photography have been looking forward to this day for quite some time. Having already “tied the knot” on paper, Cindy + Derek emphasized this particular marriage celebration be exactly that– a celebration. Shedding away many of the traditional wedding day formalities allowed this couple to have a really beautiful, easy-flowing schedule. By doing so, this couple made room for a whole lot of dancing, laughter, love, and a few tears along the way (the good kind).

Although the winter weather was in full swing by this weekend (with temperatures dipping to the 20’s), you probably couldn’t tell by the portraits we took around the Princeton University campus. That’s how brave our bride + groom were. We consider ourselves blessed by having such courageous couples to work with. Even when things got really cold, Derek + Cindy pushed through, knowing that these portraits would be worth it.


Typically, our blogposts are filled with real moments… authentic emotions, crazy dance moves, and candid images that reflect our couples’ wedding day stories. And in doing so, we hardly ever shine the spotlight on the details. Not that we have anything against details, but we simply prefer to highlight the living over the inanimate 🙂 However, there was no way we could share this wedding without applauding Nada and her team from DB Events for being the creative force behind all the wedding details. The amount of creative energy poured into making this all possible was truly unspeakable. Every single detail– from the suspended wedding cake to the elegantly designed centerpieces to the dream-like ambiance of the reception room– can be credited to the folks at DB Events. We even had the opportunity to watch two separate dance performances that evening: an Irish dance troupe, followed by Pali Dabke Arabic dancers, to honor our couples’ Irish and Palestinian backgrounds. Thank you DB Events for making the magic real.

Above all else, congratulations to Derek + Cindy on celebrating their new marriage!

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Suzy + Andrew || Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ

We are incredibly excited to showcase some images from a very recent wedding.  Suzy + Andrew’s big day was bursting with energy, emotion and much anticipation. Just 11 months earlier, this awesome couple had celebrated their engagement in Weehawken, NJ. This past weekend, we were honored to join them as they exchanged vows + celebrated in style.

From start to finish, the bridal party (particularly, the bridesmaids) decided any random moment was a good time to dance. Singing, dancing, and a very unique form of vocalic cheering soon became the theme of the day (we’ve only seen this cheering at Arabic language weddings…YouTube it). Beyond the fun and laughter, we could sense how supportive and close the bridal party was with the bride and groom..  in the end, that made our job that much more enjoyable.

Suzy + Andrew’s wedding ceremony took place at Grace Episcopal Church, followed by a reception at the very elegant Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park. Sandwiched between these two events, we took a visit to the history Asbury Park Casino for some portraits.

As always, it’s difficult to point out our favorite aspects from the day. For sure, some unforgettable moments include the ultra-fun[ny] bridal party, the bride’s stunning veil, the ringbearers’ entrance photo, and all the crazy dance floor moves that ensued.

Congratulations once again to our newest newlyweds, and we hope you all take the time and enjoy the photos below. More images can be seen on our facebook page here ->  Dreamlite Photograph’s Facebook Page  <-