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Amy + Peter || The Mansion at Bretton Wood

One wedding day, two ceremonies, three rings, and four outfits… if we told you our 13-hour work day was exhausting, imagine standing in the bride & grooms’ shoes. Thankfully, all four of us made it through the day with gigantic smiles, an overflow of wonderful memories, and a dozen memory cards bursting with photos.

We had the absolute privilege of documenting this lovely couple’s wedding celebration last weekend. Together, they combined their families (and cultural heritages) for a fantastic + colorful multicultural wedding day. First came the Hindu marriage ceremony, followed by a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony. Colors, details, sweets, humor… they included it all. Symbolism was a key feature in their ceremonies– from the first moment they joined hands (the hasta melap and kanyadaan) to the various garlands + cords joining them together– the deep symbolism and richness of colors never cease to amaze us as photographers.

The evening was spent celebrating their new marriage as husband + wife– delicious cocktails, vast buffet options, and a whole lot of dancing.

We hope you all enjoy the little preview we’ve shared below. Please visit us on our facebook page to see more images! Enjoy!



Gayatri + Shiva (Day 1 of 2) || Darien, IL

We’re proud to feature Day 1 of Gayatri + Shiva’s traditional Hindu wedding celebration.

Of the 100+ weddings that we’ve had the opportunity to photograph over the last few years, we can recall only one other instance where we have started photographing before 5am. This Thursday celebration began bright and early around 4am. What began as a super-early start quickly transformed into an incredibly fun (yet rewarding) day of colors, celebration, laughs, and tradition. From the early morning wedding ceremony at the renowned Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago to the myriad of rich colors + textures, G + S’s wedding ceremony was simply unforgettable. We finished off the afternoon with a delicious vegetarian lunch banquet. Special thanks to Matt of  MSW Photos for assisting me on this day.