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Joyce + Jason’s Wedding Teasers

This past weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate the wedding of Joyce and Jason. They tied the knot at the perennial gardens in Colonial Park, followed by an evening reception at Harvest Moon brewery & cafe in New Brunswick. Not only did the weather hold out on us throughout the day, but we are so very thankful to have been in the company of a great couple + a super easygoing bridal party.

Enjoy the teasers photos below, and come back soon to see even more photos! (Go to our facebook page and see more photos very shortly)


Vicky + Christian

Hey everybody! This is Jon Tan here, writing out our latest blog entry.

We’ve been so busy the last few weeks with editing, album building, signing with awesome new clients (hooray!) and replying to a boatload of emails that we’ve been neglecting our blog postings.

This mother and son session took place a few weeks before the winter frost set in. I arrived embarrassingly late (well over an hour) since my train ride back from NYC that afternoon was delayed. As soon as I hopped off the train, I ran to my car and sped all the way to the park. Thankfully we had enough evening sunlight to shoot a good hour of photos.

Having never met Vicky before in person, I looked around hoping for someone to approach me as I carried my camera bag on my shoulder. The next thing I knew, I felt someone wrapping their little arms around my legs in a bear-cub-style hug. Without saying a word, he ran off… and that’s how Christian introduced himself to me.

Normally during a family photo session, we as photographers bring along many of the activity and posing ideas. However, this time it was very different. Vicky had brought along all the awesome ideas to keep her son active and entertained. She brought along his bicycle, a football, a soccer ball and homemade chocolate-frosted cupcakes with sprinkles. This made my job a hundred times easier, allowing me to focus on creating some fun images.

Thank you Vicky and Christian for the fun session, and Mr. Daniel Liu for referring us to family!



Wendy + Silas

We’re very excited to finally do a blogpost on the Silas and Wendy’s big day!

The entire day was pretty much one big party. There were a ton of guests & relatives who flew all the way from the Lone Star State. The gigantic bridal party (we lost count… obviously, they are a well-loved couple!) was friendly, relaxed and very easy to work with. Not to mention a super-good-looking Bride and Groom.

Beyond all the partying, the day was full of emotions. Some of the most precious moments on a wedding day take place when the bride and groom see eachother for the first time, often as the bride approaches her groom down the aisle. It is in those few minutes that all those months of planning, stressing and anticipation fade away.

One photo that stands out to us is the 11th photo down. In the minutes leading up to the wedding ceremony, Silas had gathered in back office of the church with all of his groomsmen and the officiating pastor. His groomsmen gathered around him and laid their hands upon his shoulders for one last prayer. As they prayed for their fellow brother, his future marriage and bride, tears began streaming down his face. It is in these moments that make our job worthwhile.

In the end, it is not about photographing fancy weddings or beautiful venues. It is really about capturing those raw moments that unfold into a beautiful love story. This is exactly what we strive for constantly– and we do it with photographs.



Family Picnic At The Park

Two weeks ago, we were invited to come along and enjoy an evening picnic with the Lin Family at Colonial Park. The weather was perfect for a picnic in the park, with just the right amount of sunshine and summer breeze.

From the homemade peanut noodles to the golden rays of sunshine, our evening was fantastic. More importantly, we had a great time watching Sam and Sarah spending some quality family time with their two beautiful daughters. What can we say, being photographers rock.



Lin Family Picnic Teaser + a New Watermark…

We’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks shooting, editting, and meeting up with clients. However, we found a few minutes tonight to make an announcement…

We decided to revamp our watermark, and what better way than to introduce it than with a teaser? We were cordially invited to join the Lin family at their family picnic in Colonial Park. Enjoy!

[stay tuned for more picnic photos + wedding photos to come in the next week]