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Colin + Ann (Part 2)

Here’s what you all have been waiting for… Colin and Ann’s wedding in photos, part two!

As mentioned in previous posts (see here ), Colin and Ann’s ceremony took place at Summit Adventure. The timing for the ceremony was just perfect– the late afternoon sun was descending right behind the bride & groom, making for an amazing backlight and some exciting images.

My favorite image from this set probably has to be the moment they finished walking out of the ceremony area, towards the back, and embrace for the first time as husband and wife. Although it lasted a split second, it’s one of those joyous + simplistic moments that really stick in a photographers mind. Afterwards, we escaped to Willow Creek, a natural creek/local swimming hole that sources it’s water from the Sierra Nevadas. We even had time to do some fun, old-timey, vintage-esque photos on a fallen log– one of my personal faves from the day. MUCH credit is due to the bride and groom for having excellent taste in wedding attire.

The celebration continued at the community center of Coarsegold, a historic and quiet little town right outside of Bass Lake. Music was provided by The Trespassers, a tremendously talented band very well known in these parts of California. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them play live a few times, and their multifaceted talent encompasses the genres of rock/folk/blue grass/gypsy jazz/poetic and more, and they are 100% worth listening to.

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Colin + Ann (Part 1)

Let’s start off with some fun facts I (Jon) thought about while putting together this blogpost:

1) About the Ceremony Location: Summit Adventure is a solid & unique outdoor wilderness ministry located in Bass Lake, CA. Participants and staff venture out into the backcountry for multi-day, life-transforming trips that include backpacking, rock climbing, rappelling, wilderness education and Jesus. International course destinations have included Ecuador, Mexico and Jerusalem.

2) I’ve only been in the women’s bathroom at Summit’s Base Camp three times in my life:
a. end-of-season cleaning in the summer of ’06
b. dying my hair RED in the summer of ’07
c. Ann & Colin’s wedding, March of ’10

3) All five groomsmen had THE EXACT SAME shoe size (and both sides of the bridal party wore TOMS shoes)

4) Don’t forget to check out the very last picture… The image screams “music album cover”, and for the record, it wasn’t my idea to pick up random tools & ice picks to pose, these guys were just that creative.


Colin + Ann Engagement

After one flight cancellation and 10 hours of traveling, Jon finally landed at the Fresno Airport in California. Upon getting picked up by some friends– you guessed it– we stopped by In-N-Out for one of their famously delicious Double-Double cheeseburgers (if you really knew Jon,  you would’ve guessed correct).

Next, we headed straight to Hite Cove Trail in Mariposa County. Colin and Ann scheduled their engagement at just the right time of the year. The California poppies were blooming everywhere, and the hillsides were littered with more color than we’ve ever personally seen on the East Coast. Although the poppies weren’t fully opened (the sun wasn’t out that day), the overcast sky was just enough to grab some great color.

Included at the very end of this post are a few fun images from the wedding rehearsal. Overall, I really thought this photoset reflected the fun personalities that Colin & Ann are known for, and hope you all enjoy these.

(If you haven’t seen the teaser images, check ’em out here first.)

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Colin + Ann Teasers

Greetings from the West Coast!

This past week, I (Jon) had the amazing opportunity to fly out to California and photograph my friends’ wedding. The four days I spent in California were jam packed with pre-wedding celebrations, catching up with old friends, and lots of photography.

The engagement photos were taken at Hite Cove trail near the west entrance of Yosemite National Park. Their wedding ceremony took place at Summit Adventure in Bass Lake, CA. The very last photo was taken at Willow Creek, an awesome natural swimming hole/mountain creek near Bass Lake.

These teaser photos should give you a brief glimpse of the awesomeness that were these last few days. Enjoy them for the time being! And of course, many congratulations to Colin + Ann!!

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