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Vivian + Anthony || Destination Wedding in Granada, Nicaragua


When once-in a-lifetime chances come knocking on your door, you better make sure you answer.

This modus operandi rang constantly in our heads as we reflect back on Vivian and Anthony’s wedding celebration. More than a year has passed since we first received their email, inquiring for their wedding in Nicaragua. “Nicaragua?” we thought, “is this e-mail for real?” At the time, we had never done a destination wedding in Latin America before, so this e-mail left us feeling both a bit skeptical and elated. A few e-mail exchanges and a Skype meeting later, every ounce of doubt escaped from our heads.

Anthony + Vivian are truly a incredible couple with an incredibly unique story. Their relationship started well over twenty years ago (as the story goes) during their kindergarten years. As life would have it, a combination of moving neighborhoods + schools eventually caused their lives to part ways. At the advent of social media, these two ultimately reconnected… and their love story continued.

Visitors of our blog may remember this couple’s awesome engagement session in Austin. If you enjoyed those photos, you certainly won’t want to miss the images from Vivian + Anthony’s wedding. From newlywed portraits underneath the starry night sky to groundshaking firework explosions, their wedding day was full of beautiful moments. Our bride and groom tied the knot in the historic Catedral de Nuesta Señora de Asuncion, followed by a wonderful reception at Hotel Granada.


Personally, this trip was quite special to us both at Dreamlite Photography. Not only was it our first time traveling to Latin America for a destination wedding, but Nicaragua was where Jon spent a month of his life, back in 2011, doing photo work with a local not-for-profit. That trip kickstarted his hunger for travel, and those connections undoubtedly led to us at this wedding (Vivian + Anthony found us while googling Nicaragua wedding photography).

A million and a half congratulations to our newlyweds. From Austin to Miami to Nicaragua, we thank you for trusting us with your day, and we wish you the very best in your new life together.


Diana + Brian || Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ

This past weekend, we had the honor of celebrating (and documenting) this awesome couple’s wedding day. With a jam-packed schedule– along with a few surprises tucked in between– we had been anticipating their big day for many months now.

Diana and Brian chose to tie the knot at the Christian Evangelical Missions Church in North Jersey, followed by an afternoon reception at the gorgeous Mayfair Farms.

For most couples, a “wedding day surprise” often culminates into a personalized card attached to a thoughtful giftbox with a ribbon on top. For Brian and Diana, their surprises were a lot more intricate, well-planned, choreographed, and best of all, from the heart.

Little did they know that each of them had a surprise for the other.. but thankfully, we were informed of both. Brian took charge of the microphone and, along with his trusted groomsmen, delivered a great acapella performance for his new wife. Her teary-eyed reaction was definitely one of our favorite moments from that afternoon (as seen below).

My (Jon’s) first and only encounter with Diana happened many years ago at Rutgers University. The only thing I remembered about her was her affiliation with a dance team ministry on campus. A few months ago, Diana had sent us an e-mail, letting us in on a big surprise, for Brian, on the wedding day. She was planning to choreograph a flash mob dance performance, involving dozens of guests from their wedding + a whole lot of confetti. It was really quite amazing… there’s no other way to put it (and one of those moments where we wish we had a video camera on hand).

We hope you enjoy the photos below, and we want to extend a humongous congratulations to our newlyweds Diana + Brian on their new lives together!!

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