Whether you are a newly engaged couple, have an adorable young family of your own, or aiming to have your significant others’ Facebook status change from “in a relationship” to “engaged,” we encourage you to read through our FAQs before emailing us your questions.

Do you travel?
Of course! Nationally, our photography has taken us throughout the USA, including Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, California and Hawaii. Internationally, we’ve been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and even Scotland! We’ll be heading to Nicaragua again in early 2015.

As a team, we’re proudly fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, if that helps in your decision making process 🙂
Please contact us for complete details on these topics.

Why Dreamlite?
Photography isn’t just a service we offer, it’s a craft we are constantly honing and one we are deeply passionate about. Our style is a blend of creative, modernistic artistry and emotional, heart-tugging photojournalism. Whether it be sixteen hour wedding days or an hour long family session at the park, we pour ourselves into the images we create. As a two-person wedding photography team, we work hard to document a wedding day from the perspectives of both the bride and the groom. Let’s face it… your wedding day will be a blur of emotion, back-to-back events and a whole lot of “thank you for coming” hugs. Count on us to give you the gift of reliving your wedding day through our images.

If you browse through our site and find yourselves connecting with our images, then we may very well connect with you, too. Leave a message in our inbox, and we would be glad to chat with you.

Why not us?
We’re not for everyone. We don’t conform to the “latest trends,” nor do we mimic a specific style as per requests. We don’t sport a particular camera brand “because it’s better”, but we select the best tools we believe in to get the job done, and done well. We also don’t work with grouchy, bossy or abusive persons. Those characters need not apply.

How much would it cost for Dreamlite to photograph my wedding day?
Please go to our Investment page for more details. Better yet, contact us for all the details regarding your wedding day coverage.

Does Dreamlite have liability insurance, and if so, how much?
Yes, our business is insured up to $1Million per incident for liability purposes. Many higher-end wedding venues require vendors (like ourselves) to have liability insurance, and we’d be happy to provide the documentation.

How do I book you?
Nothing is officially set in stone until we have all (yours and ours) signatures down on a contract, followed by a 25% deposit payment in our hands. Email us for more details on this process.

How long until I get my photos?
During the peak season (April-November), wedding photos will be delivered to your mailbox in about 4-5 weeks time. In the off peak season, photos will be in your hands in around 3-4 weeks.

For all other photography services (engagements, family sessions, special event coverage), delivery estimates are still dependent on the wedding season. During peak season, these photos can be delivered in around 2-3 weeks. In the off season, within 1-2 weeks.

My question isn’t on this FAQ page.
Send it our way, and we’ll try our best to answer it.