About Us

We love moments. We recognize that the wedding day is a huge celebration of a couple’s lifelong commitment in front of God & loved ones, but a marriage isn’t defined by one big event alone. Just as relationships are developed over time– filled with the big and small and precious moments– we believe a couple’s love story can be exceptionally told (and retold) through captured moments. That is why we love our job so much– because we’re the ones our couples entrust to capture those very moments. Just as the old adage goes, “a picture says a thousand words”, our goal to is to create images that speak for themselves in a powerful and lasting way.

Best of all, we’re a creative and unique photography duo available for international travel.

About the Photographers

Jon Tan



There are two things you should know about me: I always tear up during the wedding vows, and I still get mistaken for a highschool student.

Besides that, I’ll do almost anything to capture an image. I’ve monkeyed up trees, climbed on top of train cars and hopped over many a fence. Ultimately, however, I draw my inspiration from knowing that every person I meet has a story to tell. Truth be told, I’m crazy about stories. Not only do I love sharing and trading stories, I am also willing to do whatever it takes to experience them. It is incredibly rewarding to watch stories unfold– as if, for just a moment, I can catch a glimpse of another person’s heart… and that’s why I love what I do. My specialty is in capturing those unplanned, candid moments that culminate into a beautiful and unique story.

I won’t always be able to make you laugh at a session, since all my jokes are pretty bad, but I’ll certainly be able to capture a genuine smile (or two) during our time together. Guaranteed.


Howie Chen

My style of photography leans more towards fine art than documentary. Although I strongly believe in the importance of documenting the wedding day, there are certain moments that need to be created (and recreated) for the couple. Through creative posing and an editorialistic approach, I aim to create evocative works of art through my images.

Brides and Grooms, I feel both your joy and suffering as you plan and go through the wedding day. I have gone through this wonderful yet long experience as well (with my wonderful wife Diana!). Having gone through this experience, it has helped me look for the very special moments and feelings that arise during the wedding. It also helps me work with you, the couple, since I have been in your shoes and have gone down the exact same road as you.