The following is our upcoming photography schedule (dates booked + location). Since our calendar is subject to change, please contact us for our most up-to-date schedule.

Dates noted with “(Limited Availability)” signify that only one of us is currently available for photography coverage. If we are traveling in your area and you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please let us know.


April 28th: Somerset, NJ (Limited Availability in NJ)
May 25th: Somerset, NJ
May 26th: Chesterbrook, PA
July 7th: Boston, MA
July 8th: Jersey City, NJ
July 14th: Cambridge, United Kingdom (Limited Availability in NJ)
Oct 14th: Woodland Park, NJ
Oct 21st: River Vale, NJ


Feb 5th: Somerset, NJ
Feb 19th: New York City
Mar 8-11th: Puerto Morelos, MX
Mar 25th: New York City
Apr 1st: New York City
Apr 8th: Somerset, NJ
Apr 15th: Luray, VA (Limited Availability in NJ)
Apr 29th: Aberdeen, NJ
May 6th: Somerset, NJ
May 7-8th: Newport, RI
May 20th: Morristown, NJ
Jun 2nd: Philipstown, NY
Jun 3rd: New York City
Jun 15th: Somerset, NJ
Jun 17th: Mahwah, NJ
Jun 24th: Brooklyn, NY
Jul 2nd: Washingtonville, NY
Jul 7th: Staten Island, NY
Jul 15th: New York City
Jul 19th: Brooklyn, NY
Jul 22nd: Garrison, NY
Jul 23rd: Unavailable
Jul 27th: Chantilly, VA
Jul 28th: Verona, NJ
Jul 29th: Basking Ridge, NJ
Aug 4th: Somerset, NJ
Aug 6th: Eatontown, NJ
Aug 12th: West Orange, NJ
Sep 2nd: Franklin Square, NY
Sep 22nd: Brooklyn, NY
Sep 30th: Pelham, NY
Oct 3rd-6th: Oranjestad, Aruba
Oct 27th: Lafayette, NJ
Nov 3rd: Bronx, NY
Nov 11th: Chelsea, NYC
Nov 12th: Flushing, NY
Dec 9th: Somerset, NJ
Dec 10th: Somerset, NJ
Dec 16th: South Jersey
Dec 30th: Midtown Manhattan, NYC