How much does Dreamlite Photography charge?
Wedding day coverage for 2015 begins at $3700 for two photographers (Jon & Howie). Please contact us for complete details, as our prices may be subject to change.

You guys charge what?
Before you start doubting us by how young we look, or the fact that we have only been around since late 2009, please note this: we’ve structured our prices in accordance to how much we believe our services are worth. We are not saying our knowledge/talent can be monetized in dollars alone, but we genuinely believe all that we contribute into making this service possible– photography, time, knowledge, abilities, creativity, dedication– are worth a certain premium in itself.

But we’re on a budget… what can you do for us?
Consider this: of all the things you invest in for your wedding day, only a few of those purchases last a lifetime: the ring, the cake topper, and your photos. We urge you to think about your wedding photographs as a long term investment- are you looking for simple snapshots of your big day, or compelling images to cherish and relive your celebration? If our price range is still beyond your budget, contact us anyways! Perhaps, we can find some common ground.