Veronica + Mina || New Hope Engagements

The gorgeous couple that we’re showcasing below has got to be one of the bravest + strongest couples we’ve ever had the chance to work with. The first time we met Veronica was at Panera Bread. The first time we met Mina? Well, he was on a computer screen.

Long distance relationships are more than just the making of a Hollywood summer blockbuster romance– they’re difficult, scary, daunting, real… and also very admirable. From what they’ve shared with us, living on separate coasts of the USA means lots of Skype, lots of plane tickets, and lots of phone calls. If you want to know what devotion looks like, look no further than this couple.

The hardest part of our day was waking up and meeting Veronica + Mina in New Hope, PA a little before 7am. The easiest part of our day was hanging out with them. We journeyed through funky, modern New Hope, PA, and then ventured through the cozy little river town of Lambertville. At first, the fog covering provided us with an eery, unique environment to take photos. When the sun came out later on, the autumn colors shimmered and glowed.

We hope you all enjoy the engagement photos below. Once again, we congratulate Veronica + Mina on their engagement, and we look forward to their wedding this February!

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