Jennifer + Kevin || New York City Engagements

Jen and Kevin are the sweetest of couples. At first impression, Jen’s outgoing persona aptly complimented Kevin’s very calm presence. After spending some time warming up with this couple, we realized quickly how at ease they were with each other. Their jokes morphed into giggles, and their giggles gave way to an abundance of laughter. We would be lying if we said they weren’t a lot of fun to pass time with.

We started our session in NYU’s Kimmel Center… but not just in any room. They made arrangements to occupy one of the music rooms, (a love they both share), and even played a couple of songs on the piano for us. We later learned this is how they first met– via a piano! Here’s an excerpt from their wedding website:

We met at OCM in September of 2000. Ironically, we met when I heard this random tall guy playing Canon in D. It was smooth but lacked some pizazz. So I decided to go over there and improvise on top of the original melody, something I love doing. “This is FUN! I have someone to JAM with! :)” – I thought to myself… and soon enough, we started playing together each Sunday after service for a while… I finally found out by chance that his name was Kevin… and he finally figured out my name was Jen…

We ventured the hallways, staircases, a study room, and eventually worked our way through the beautiful Washington Square Park. We ended our time at the nearby eateries (hint: peanuts and falafels), paying special homage to Mamoun’s Falafels on MacDougal– one of their go-to date spots while Jen was attending NYU.

Although we won’t be there for Jen and Kevin’s wedding day celebration this fall, we’re so honored that they asked us to photograph their engagement session. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your celebration.

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