Pia at the Park

Pía’s parents had contacted us not too long ago about a family photo session in New York City. Excitingly enough, they had heard about us through one of their friends (aka another family we had the honor of photographing last fall). We eventually decided upon Carl Schurz Park, an increasingly favorite spot of ours for photo sessions. Home to Gracie Mansion, an outdoor dog run, and a family-friendly environment, we spent our entire session playing with bubbles and exploring the various areas of the park. Special thanks to our friend Yanshu for the lighting assistance- couldn’t have done the family photos without your help. 🙂 Enjoy some of our favorite images below.

Last but not least, I wanted to include one of my favorite moments from their session– see the last photo & the accompanying text.


Now, I know what most of you may be thinking: “… Really? But it’s not exciting. The lighting isn’t unique, the situation isn’t particularly wonderful and there isn’t a whole lot of emotion coming from that capture.” Right on all points except the last one.

As a two-and-a-half year old child, Pía was doing exactly what anyone her age would be doing: having fun and testing her boundaries. As a child fittingly in her “terrible twos“, she was doing nothing more than being a two year old… practicing a little bit of defiance + testing her parents’ patience. A few years from now, I know they will all look back at this picture, roll their eyes and chuckle.

You see, one of the many reasons I enjoy working with families is moments like these: you plan for one thing, and you get another. You hope to go here, and someone else drags you there. You instruct the child to come back, and they stay put. Each and every family session we do is a real adventure… and it’s a whole lot like Life, don’t you think? It’s quirky moments like these that remind me how much of an adventure Life can be.

So to all you who’ve managed to read this far, go out and have an adventure.


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