Chadwick + Brooke Wedding Teaser

This story begins in 2005 when I (Howie) moved to Chicago to go to Moody Bible Institute. I wanted to test fate and not specifically request specifics regarding a roommate. So not knowing what to expect, I moved into school the first day of orientation and met my roommate, Chadwick Bacon. We got to know each other very well, from me introducing him to weird smelling chinese snacks to Chad introducing me to his love of Chicago pizzas and we both shared our love for movies. Like most college roommates we shared about the girls we were interested in and girls we liked. But one night as we laid in our bunk beds talking before we went to bed (as we did most nights), he mentioned to me this girl that he was interested in named Brooke. I thought it was nice, but didn’t think that much about it. However, as the weeks went along and as I saw them interact with each other, I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be like a Gary Grobowski and Brooke Meyers story but more like a Harry Burns meets Sally Albright story.

So my once roommate went on to find a roommate for life. I couldn’t be more happy and excited to play a part in their wedding. Here are just the teasers from the wedding. Can’t wait to post more from this wedding! HC

CB teaser final-90

CB teaser final-2

CB teaser final-3 copy

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3 Responses

  1. Megan Braxton

    These pictures are ridiculous! So awesome. You guys captured Colin and Ann’s wedding, that my husband and I attended and I have been sneaking peeks at your stuff ever since. SO INCREDIBLE.
    Way to go.

    25 Jun ’10 at 7:28 am

  2. admin


    Thanks for the big compliments! Howie said he had an amazing time in Minnesota.

    I (Jon) remember both you and Nate, and it means a lot that you guys follow us. Hope you guys are well! We’ll be in Ohio in August for a wedding, right by Mansfield (I told Nate that when we chatted in Cali) Maybe we’ll run into eachother? If you see a NJ-plated car on the road, honk and look for us…

    25 Jun ’10 at 10:21 am