Jonathan + Lillian

Perhaps their “Thank You” card says it all:

Months earlier, my (Jon’s) aunt and uncle from Massachusetts had contacted me and asked if I would do a photo session with them in NYC. Admittedly a bit nervous, I gladly agreed and we setup a date on our calendars. This wasn’t just any photo session– Auntie Lillian had shared with me that they never had a photographer on their wedding day (rather a small & intimate wedding ceremony), and she always wanted professional photos done of her and my uncle. On top of that, her milestone birthday had just past (not sure if I’m allowed to say, but contrary to how young she looks, she didn’t just turn 30), all the more wanting photos to cherish. Lastly, being relatives of mine, I knew these photos had to be special– time honored, personal, memorable– yet far from tacky & cheesy.

During our afternoon together, we ventured mostly through Central Park. Below you will also see some random images, but none are posted without a purpose. (photo#3) My aunt’s an artist (“self-teaching” oil painter- see her blog for definition), and absolutely loves flowers. In fact, check out her work here: ). Also, she loves cats. (photo#14) When we saw these cats and dogs offered up for adoption, I knew she would be tempted to bring them all home. Thankfully, she didn’t, or our photo session would get a whole lot complicated. Other places we visited included a thrift store and the classically beautiful brownstone buildings.

So this one’s for you guys. Happy belated Auntie Lillian, and to you both, thank you for allowing me to be a part of it all.









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