Teny + Enrique || Pink Sisters Convent, Tagaytay, The Philippines

The funny thing about friendship is that you never know when you’ll encounter it. We’re not talking about how Teny + Enrique met, but rather, how Dreamlite met Teny + Enrique… on a double date!

Jon and his then-girlfriend (now fiancée), Ria, went on a double date with this lovely couple back in July of 2015. Ria wanted to introduce a dear friend of hers to Jon, seeing as they both shared a strong connection with Latin America. Their Pinkberry hangout turned into a late afternoon of chatting, laughing and fond story swapping. Enrique is a teacher by trade while Teny is a former Latin-America missionary turned corporate trainer for Army Navy Burger + Burritos in the Philippines. Beyond their work, they conjoinedly emit a heart warming presence. Their easy going personalities are matched only with their shared faith for God, as well as their love for each other.

Months later, the wonderful news broke the social media world: Teny and Enrique were getting married! Jon reached out to Teny + Enrique, and the four of them decided to celebrate their engagement in Tagaytay, a smooth two hours’ drive from Metro Manila. They chose to have their engagement session (known as ‘prenup photos’ in the Philippines) at the Pink Sisters Convent, an incredible campus containing a chapel, walking garden, and towering pine trees.

Officially, the Pink Sisters Convent is maintained by a catholic order known as the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, but due to their rose-colored religious attire, they are affectionately referred to by the former. The grounds at the convent were beautifully maintained, full of various flowers and trees. Although a bit crowded, which is expected for anything opened to the public in the Philippines, we managed to dodge much of the crowds during their portrait session. We wrapped up our session over lunch, alongside a caravan of family + friends, in the city of Tagaytay… the perfect way to cap off their photo session.

Thank you Enrique + Teny for your support of of Dreamlite Photography, and looking forward to many more life celebrations with you both!





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