Saneta + Kensheen || Starved Rock State Park

Making images at Starved Rock State Park has been a dream of ours for quite a few years now. Having been to Illinois on a few separate occasions, never have we had the opportunity to consider Starved Rock State Park until we started discussing potential engagement session locations with Saneta and Kensheen.

In mid-September, Jon had the chance to realize this dream. Arguably, the best part of this trip wasn’t exploring the majestical carved canyons in the middle of Illinois. Nor was the best part spending a few hours with this wonderful couple, getting to know their story a little better. Truth be told, it was finding out that they (especially Kensheen) loves Panda Express as much as Jon does.

Starved Rock State Park is certainly one of the most exciting places we have ever ventured to for an engagement session. Nearly nobody believes us when we try to describe the steep cliffs and narrow waterfalls that makeup this park in Central Illinois, as if we were on the television set for Doyle’s The Lost World.

After a few hours of venturing through the park, we ended our time together with an amazing Puerto Rican sandwich only found in Chicago. Think of a roast pork panini, but in place of bread, crispy deep-fried plantains crusted in minced garlic. That is a jibarito sandwich.

To Saneta and Kensheen, we look forward to photographing your wedding celebration in the spring of 2016, and we thank you allowing us to be a part of it all!












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