Wedding Photography

David + Mary || Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge Weddings

We loved every moment of David and Mary’s wedding day celebration. As usual, we started off our day separately photographing the bride + groom. With both sides, we encountered a very no-frills, stress-free environment. Not only did their morning schedule move along smoothly, but we also sensed absolutely zero anxiety coming from the bridal parties. Having such a relaxing + warm atmosphere certainly contributed to an incredible rest of the day for everyone.

Mary + David chose the spectacular Prospect Park for portraits, followed by the ceremony at Grace UMC of Brooklyn, and an evening of celebration at The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge Hotel. Sometime during the cocktail hour, we were lucky enough to sneak away with our newlyweds for some portrait time overlooking both Brooklyn + Manhattan.

Our absolute favorite memory was being there for the evening celebration. The toasts were personal, heartwarming, and at many points, really hilarious. Later on, the groomsmen had the DJ play ‘Hava Nagila’, a traditional song that accompanies the Jewish Horah.. and up in the air the newlyweds went. The remainder of the evening was spent dancing the night away.

Congratulations once again to our newlyweds, Mary + David!



Karen + Steven || The Inn at Lambertville Station Weddings

We feel incredibly privileged to be sharing images from this past weekend.

Karen and Steve’s love story began during their university days, followed by a few years of dating, a surprise Time Square proposal (including a very Steve-style prank), and finally culminating to a beautiful wedding celebration last Saturday. Joined by loved ones from all across the country, the days’ wedding events took place in historic Lambertville, NJ. Perhaps most impressive to us were all of the handmade DIY details seen throughout the wedding day. In fact, while photographing their wedding, we made sure to keep a very comprehensive list on our iPhones for reference.

Thankfully, the weather held out for the majority of the wedding day. We were grateful to see a little bit of sunshine + cloudiness in the mix, and wrapped up all of our outdoor photos right before the rain came. The Inn itself has a superb variety of locations to photograph, and we were glad to be photographing their wedding after very recent renovations. By far, one of our favorite aspects of the day was seeing so many familiar faces at Karen and Steve’s wedding. We counted at least 5 other couples present who’ve graced our blog over the last few years, and that made our evening all the more special.

Special mentions go to:

Esther Lee for all the details & decorations & designs
DJ Robbie for the great music & evening entertainment
-the folks at the Lambertville Station for making the evening possible

Below are some of our favorite frames from the day. We’re also posting more, never-before-seen images on our facebook page too, so please visit us there!

Last but not least, a big congratulations to our newlyweds, Karen and Steve!




Jason + Helen || Flushing NYC Weddings

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to celebrate Jason and Helen’s wedding in NYC. We started our morning in the Solita SoHo Hotel, followed by some more prep in the beautifully historic Chinatown. For the wedding ceremony, we ventured out to the Community Church of Great Neck in Long Island, and continued on with our evening celebration at Jade Asian Restaurant in Flushing.

One of the most exciting things about Chinese (more specifically, Cantonese) weddings are the bridal party games that take place before the ceremony. Typically, these games take place at the brides’ family’s home, are administered by the bridesmaids,  and given to the groom + his groomsmen as a fun challenge. Once when the gentlemen “pass” these challenges, there is often a monetary negotiation that takes place next. Traditionally, this money serves two purposes: one, as a monetary “thank-you” to the bridesmaids for all the care + planning + support they’ve done for the bride leading up to the big day; and two, as a bribe to allow for the groom’s entrance into the home. With Jason and Helen’s wedding day, the groomsmen were shown only a little bit of mercy. From the spicy chili paste / wasabi shot concoctions to passing along the seaweed without hands to the heart-shaped waxing strips, we were all happy to see the gentlemen enter the home without any longterm scars.

Throughout the day, we were constantly amazed by how love-centered their wedding was. We’re not talking about the romantic, mushy kind of love, but rather, how much their solid relationships with their bridal party, their countless family members + all of their friends were evident as the day passed. It was every bit authentic as it was effortless for us to witness. The relationships that this couple has fostered together + within their larger community really made it feel like we were photographing a celebration, and not simply another big event with a really large checklist.

Congratulations once again to Jason + Helen on your new marriage!

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Maggie + Eric || Grace Chapel of Havertown Weddings

We’re so thankful to be sharing images of Maggie + Eric’s wedding celebration from this past Saturday. From the moment we met this couple— literally last Thursday for their engagement session– we’ve had nothing but great memories to draw from our time together.

From their Thursday evening engagement session to their Saturday wedding, we’ve both grown an immense amount of appreciation for this couple + their love story. They shared with us a little bit about their own story; meeting in passing through mutual friends, meeting again, hearts clicking, and finally falling in-love in Philadelphia. We have great admiration for couples like them who sustain long distance relationships for so long. To top it all off, their California -> Philly relationship was creatively honored by their wedding day favors… be sure to check out those custom luggage tags below!

Eric + Maggie got married at the beautiful (and historic) Grace Chapel in Havertown, PA. Their church reception was full of good laughs, great games, and packed full of loved ones from around the globe. We’ve seen plenty of wedding games over the last 5 years… but their MC, Ike, executed some of the best games we’ve ever come to witness. From the blindfold games (“guess whose hand you’re holding”) to identifying lipstick lip-prints on napkins, our absolute favorite game (or was it a prank?) would be the last game. The groom and his groomsmen were called to the front and each given 5 eggs each. Racing against the clock, they had to distinguish the hard-boiled eggs from the raw ones, crack the correct egg into a cup, and consume what they find. After a few rounds of hilariously watching the guys eat raw eggs, the MC scapegoated a guest for forgetting to include the hard-boiled eggs at the start.

After a little break, we ventured around downtown Philadelphia to do portraits. Although we encountered a bit of traffic, we were fortunate to have an amazing group of patient + willing + creative folks to work with.

Congratulations once again to Maggie + Eric on your new marriage, and we wish you both the best in your new lives together in Calfornia!



Ben + Rosanna || Crest Hollow Country Club Weddings

We at Dreamlite are both very excited to be sharing photos from this past weekend’s amazing wedding celebration in Long Island, NY.

The simplest way to sum up their wedding would be this: spectacular summer weather, endless laughter, and a truly joyous marriage celebration. The bonus to our day was an incredibly fun[ny] + friendly bridal party… what more could we ask for? If you don’t believe us, be sure to check out their reception entrances below.

Rosanna + Ben’s saturday celebration took place at the Crest Hollow Country Club, a stunning getaway in the heart of Long Island. Friends and family came from all over to witness their union as husband and wife, followed by an afternoon filled with celebration, food, and a whole lot of dancing.

Thank you Ben and Rosanna for having us there to document your wedding day.

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Louisa + Roland || Wedding at the Vie in Philadelphia

Fresh on our blog is another incredible wedding story…

Last Friday, Roland + Louisa joined their loved ones in celebrating their marriage covenant in Philly. Their love story began in NJ, moved its way to Chicago, and has since transplanted itself in the city of brotherly love (for now.) Jon has personally known this couple for a long time, having met the bride in middle school + having shared many mutual friends throughout their college years. In more ways than one, documenting their wedding day was much more than a job.

Sprinkled throughout their busy wedding day schedule were so many hints of love + thankfulness + joy. As outside observers, we photographers get a pretty good glimpse of the big picture when it comes to weddings. We see what couples focus on, what they leave out, and where they pour their hearts into. For Louisa + Roland, it was clear that their celebration was much more than a milestone event with big fancy outfits… it was their way of joining together and celebrating a Love so much bigger than them.

Photography-wise, many thanks to the couple for creating such a spacious and well-thought-out wedding day schedule. Having an abundance of hours for wedding day coverage can be a blessing in disguise, paving the way for equal measures of risk and creativity and daring possibilities.

A very special congratulations to the newlyweds!

Giving credit where credit is due:

Jon of Dreamlite Photography (Main Photographer) || Priscilla of Priscilla De Castro Photography (2nd Photographer) || Le Meridien Philadelphia (Hotel)
Vie of the Cescaphe Event Group (Ceremony/Reception/Catering/Cake) || Pastor Dwight of Renewal Presbyterian Church (Officiant) || Bachelor Boys Band (Live Band)
Anthony Tsao (Ceremony Programs) || Cindy Cheung + Vivian Mah (Event decoration, Centerpieces) | Fei Huang (Sound System) || Leah Zhang (Hair, Make-up, Bouquets, Corsages)




Seah + Robert || World of Wings Wedding Receptions

Seah and Robert’s incredible wedding celebration is finally on the blog! A few short days ago, these wonderful couple tied the knot and officially became husband and wife.

Vibrant colors and cultural traditions flowed throughout this day, and we sincerely wished the day hadn’t ended. The bride and groom crafted such a nice wedding day schedule (read: well-planned with lots of time devoted to photography) in order to accommodate plenty of time for portraits. We had a brief morning photo session all throughout the grounds of the World of Wings… perhaps most spectacularly, we visited the Atrium that contained a live butterfly exhibit. Afterwards, we continued on to a late afternoon ceremony at The Church of the Atonement in Tenafly, NJ. The rest of the evening including a beautiful Korean tea ceremony and topped off the evening with a grand reception at the World of Wings.

A very special thanks to fellow photographer Paul Kim of Bōm Photography for second shooting / assisting in translations for this one!

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Stan + Alyssa || Battleground Country Club Weddings

We are both incredibly excited to be sharing some of our favorite images from Alyssa + Stan’s wedding celebration. Being our first Indian Christian wedding as a team, we couldn’t get enough of the colors + moments + cultural aspects that we encountered. More importantly, we were humbled by all the time the couple set aside to honor their own friends and throughout the day.

We started our photography at nearby hotels, moved onto the Abundant Life Church of God in Freehold, and proceeded with the celebration at the Battleground Country Club. From sparklers to games and joyously-tearful speeches, we almost didn’t want the wedding day to end. Beyond the creativity + colors + laughter + tears, we clearly recognized how rich this couple was in their relationships. The entire day was evident in how much their valued their relationships with everyone present, and how important their faith was in their marriage.

Special shout out to Stan and his ministry work here at We Ar3 Change.

Congratulations once again to our bride and groom on their wedding! And to see more of our work, follow us here on facebook:



Josie + Jonathan || The Estate at Florentine Gardens Weddings

We’re very excited to be featuring images from Jonathan + Josie’s marriage celebration!!

It was only yesterday that we were hanging out with this amazing couple, documenting their beautiful wedding day + feeling the joy shared by all of their much-loved guests. Josie + Jon chose to have their wedding at the elegant Estate at Florentine Gardens. Their outdoor ceremony happened during the most exceptional spring day we’ve had all year– an absolutely perfect sunny day– just the way April weddings should be. Following their ceremony was an incredible reception, filled with great food, heartwarming speeches, and some seriously laugh-out-loud reception games. Beyond all of the fun and games, we were truly honored to be there for this couple. Not just because we photographed their autumn engagement photos a few months back, nor because we were there for Jon’s sister’s wedding 3yrs before that, but for something so much bigger.  This bride + groom stood confidently as they declared their vows and entered into a covenant before their loved ones + before their God, and we are so very proud to have been a part of their wedding day.

Many thanks to the staff from the Estate at Florentine Gardens for making the day run smoothly (especially, to Jeff, Denise and Nancy), as well as a special thanks to Marvin and Carlton from Lion & Lamb Productions for a great reception.

Last but not least, congratulations to our newlyweds Josie + Jonathan!

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Eileen + Frank || Weddings at The Grand Marquis

When we first met Eileen + Frank a few months ago for their engagement session, we quickly warmed up to their easy-going personalities. There was nothing cheesy or mushy about them– their naturalness with each other was ticket to win us over right away. Fast forward four months to this past weekend– their wedding weekend– and we were fortunate enough to get a greater glimpse of the love story that this lovely couple is writing together.

Everything about their big day went off without a hiccup. All those months of planning by our newlyweds had paid off. The wedding day itinerary had plenty of cushion time, and we were so elated to see the gorgeous (yet slightly chilly) spring weather finally come upon us.

Eileen + Frank were married at the beautiful St. Cecelia Church, followed by a wedding reception at the Grand Marquis of Old Bridge. We cannot write about their wedding day without giving due credit to the bride + groom on spearheading a jampacked + exciting wedding day that was very much on-time from start to finish.  Beyond their impressive punctuality, we really enjoyed watching the laughter, the tears and all the moments in between as they happened throughout the day.

Here’s a cool wedding tip we learned today: if your shoes fit a little too tight, fill up a ziploc baggy with water, place them in your shoes, and toss them in the freezer for a few hours. The frozen water should lend a little bit of stretch to your shoes. Trust us… our bride did this, and it worked.

Congratulations once again to Eileen + Frank, and thank you for letting us be there to document your marriage celebration. Don’t forget to visit our facebook page! You’ll see more images from their wedding day in the coming weeks.



Katrina + Ben || Ballroom at the Ben Weddings

Photographs alone cannot sum up what an amazing time we had this weekend at Ben + Katrina’s wedding celebration. Every little aspect from their wedding day had us not only impressed, but very much humbled. Beyond their ability to juggle work + law school + wedding planning over this past year, and besides the fact that loved ones had come from all over the world to attend, they made it a point to honor their families in such a beautiful way. During the reception, the newly-wedded couple stood up to offer words of love + thanksgiving to their own families; an unforgettably heartfelt gesture we hope to see more of in our future weddings.

Looking back, there are so many favorite moments that we had as their photographers. We could talk all day about how awesome it was that they had an “unplugged” wedding ceremony, or perhaps go on about how this was the first time we’ve ever encountered a “Man of Honor” (the bride’s brother). But we’ve come to realize that with this couple, we enjoyed simply being around them. Whether it be during their adventurous engagement session around Philly to documenting all the behind-the-scenes stuff on their wedding day, we both agreed that their love for each other, for God, and for others is an incredibly visible testament in itself.

Thank you to Katrina + Ben for having us along at your wedding day celebration. Congratulations!

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Veronica + Mina || Bridgewater Marriott Weddings

We are incredibly excited to start off our 2014 season with images from Veronica and Mina’s wedding day.

No matter how many times we are invited to document Coptic Orthodox weddings, we will always be amazed by the beautiful blend of biblical tradition, culture and visual aestheticism that comes with a Coptic wedding ceremony. Their Sunday wedding at St. Mary’s Byzantine Church was full of much celebration, laughter, tears and a few really good surprises.

The groom executed an awesome dance routine with his mother during their first dance. Our gorgeous bride, Veronica, surprised her husband with a musical stage performance, backed by her band & her ukulele.

We definitely couldn’t blog about their wedding without highlighting all the details that they spent so many months working on. Since much of their relationship had been long distance, they made sure to pay proper homage to their coast-to-coast romance. From maps and globes to paper planes and luggage tags, every little nuance of their wedding day was a unique celebration of the long distance commitment they shared while 2,700 miles apart. But most importantly, we admire how much the bride + groom were a part of their wedding day. They didn’t just “show up” to their wedding, but they made great effort to mingle, dance, eat, and honor their loved ones (especially the folks who came from LA + Australia) throughout the day.

Thank you Veronica + Mina for letting us be there for your big day, and we wish you two the very best in your new lives together on the West Coast.

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Ingy + Peter || The Estate at Florentine Gardens

Peter and Ingy’s wedding celebration was the perfect event to cap off our 2013 wedding season. Even though we’ve documented Coptic Orthodox ceremonies in the past, each and every wedding that we photograph brings forth an abundance of fresh new experiences + stunning visuals.

We’re constantly in awe of the complexity of Coptic Orthodox ceremonies. The fusing of faith, tradition, commitment and culture is certainly one of the most unique experiences we have ever been witnesses to. The bride and groom were married at the Coptic Orthodox Church St. Mark in Jersey City, followed by portraits at Pascack Brook County Park. Their reception took place on the Estate at Florentine Gardens, a gorgeous venue that redefines what classy wedding receptions should be. If you’re in search of a wedding reception location that is a notch above, consider the Florentine Gardens.

Congratulations to our newlyweds Ingy + Peter, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your big day!



Diana + Brian || Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ

This past weekend, we had the honor of celebrating (and documenting) this awesome couple’s wedding day. With a jam-packed schedule– along with a few surprises tucked in between– we had been anticipating their big day for many months now.

Diana and Brian chose to tie the knot at the Christian Evangelical Missions Church in North Jersey, followed by an afternoon reception at the gorgeous Mayfair Farms.

For most couples, a “wedding day surprise” often culminates into a personalized card attached to a thoughtful giftbox with a ribbon on top. For Brian and Diana, their surprises were a lot more intricate, well-planned, choreographed, and best of all, from the heart.

Little did they know that each of them had a surprise for the other.. but thankfully, we were informed of both. Brian took charge of the microphone and, along with his trusted groomsmen, delivered a great acapella performance for his new wife. Her teary-eyed reaction was definitely one of our favorite moments from that afternoon (as seen below).

My (Jon’s) first and only encounter with Diana happened many years ago at Rutgers University. The only thing I remembered about her was her affiliation with a dance team ministry on campus. A few months ago, Diana had sent us an e-mail, letting us in on a big surprise, for Brian, on the wedding day. She was planning to choreograph a flash mob dance performance, involving dozens of guests from their wedding + a whole lot of confetti. It was really quite amazing… there’s no other way to put it (and one of those moments where we wish we had a video camera on hand).

We hope you enjoy the photos below, and we want to extend a humongous congratulations to our newlyweds Diana + Brian on their new lives together!!

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Sonya + Corey || The Imperia in Somerset NJ

We’re extremely excited to share with you images from Sonya + Corey’s wedding celebration this past Friday. They decided to tie the knot at The Imperia in Somerset, NJ.

Our beautiful bride wore a stunning wedding gown–credit to Bijou Bridal of Paramus— and we could confidently add that folks didn’t stop complimenting her dress. During the couple’s ‘first look’, the groom even stumbled backwards (and nearly off the stairs) upon seeing his bride-to-be… she looked that gorgeous!

The evening wedding ceremony started a tad bit later than expected (the officiant was late), but as always, everything ending up flowing accordingly at just the right moments. The evening light was just enough to provide us with a beautiful ambiance, and the perfect night to celebrate with our bride + groom. Following their exceptionally delicious cocktail hour, the guests moved inside for a wonderful reception full of teary toasts, great food, and a whole lot of celebrating.

Thank you Sonya + Corey for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day.

We hope you all enjoy this preview from their wedding day. You can see more photos by visiting facebook fan page.



Isabel + Mike || West Point Cadet Chapel

We had an incredible time photographing Isabel + Mike’s afternoon wedding celebration this past weekend.

With the autumn weather upon us, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Crisp morning air, soft sunlight, and beautiful blue skies provided us with the perfect weekend to document their wedding. Coupled with the fact that our newlyweds were as low-maintenance and low-stress as could be, we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Weddings like these make us wish we recorded audio on the wedding day. Hearing about this couple’s story throughout Saturday– how they met at church in Hawaii, how they reconnected later on, how they spurred each other on in their faith, how they dated long-distance– was both inspirational + encouraging to witness. Not often do we admit that “our photos don’t do any justice to their love story,” but this would be one of those moments.

We started off in the early morning hours as they prepped for their big day. Their “first look” was setup at Trophy Point, a tourist attraction on campus with a stunning view of the Hudson Valley. Their ceremony took place at the West Point Cadet Chapel, followed by a relaxing afternoon reception at the Herbert Hall Alumni Center. The rest of the day was full of much celebration– from guests in attendance from all over the globe to delicious asian-style catering– we’re thrilled to share with you the images below. Two of our favorite moments? When the best man was wrapping up his (very bromantic) speech, the guests began clinking their drinking glasses. Also, the pyebaek korean tea ceremony was a wonderful mix of tradition and humor… especially when Mike’s mom threw the figs just a little short of her goal. (Thankfully, she was given a 2nd chance).

Some vendors we’d like to give a special mention to:
Catering by Fresh Company (Chelsea –  Facebook Page)
Reception AOG Herbert Hall at West Point (Leslie –
Flowers by Harrington Park Florist (Douglas –
Ceremony at the Cadet Chapel (Marie –
Korean Tea Ceremony by Jangmi su-ae (201-585-0303)

We hope you enjoy our latest set of images, and we want to give a special congratulations to our newlyweds, Mike + Isabel!

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Mandi + James || The Prallsville Mills in Stockton, NJ

While James and Mandi’s love story really began some 7 years ago, their new life together as husband and wife started this past Sunday… and I (Jon) had the privilege of documenting their wedding celebration.

Many months ago, Mandi had shared with me her wedding day vision. “I’m picturing this as a really upscale picnic,” she wrote in an email, “with really great food. Nothing stuffy about it.” It’s safe to say Mandi + James hit the bullseye on this one. Their wedding was certainly anything but traditional. The bride opted for “real” pushups to relieve her stress instead of bubbly mimosas, church bells were replaced by the cool summer breeze swooping off the Delaware River, and the standard hotel reception was nixed in favor of a more historic setting– a four-story Grist Mill dating back to the 1870’s. Topping it all off, Mandi + James were simply incredible to work with.

From their love of cycling to honoring the loved ones in attendance, they made it a point to incorporate all the things (and people) they loved into their wedding celebration. It was far from an “all about me” kind of day– and that’s really what made their day memorable. (and yes, special shoutout to the Mexican Coca Cola the bride + groom chose as their dinner beverage of choice.)

Special thanks to Cherie and Lisa of On This Day Weddings for coordinating the event, and the videography team led by Adam Nawrot for being so professional + cooperative to work with. Wedding ceremony + venue took place at the historic Prallsville Mill along the Delaware River in Stockton, NJ.

Last but not least, congratulations to the newlyweds Mandi + James.

To see more images from their wedding day, check out the photos on our Facebook page.


Their Wedding Day Video can be seen here. Credit to Adam Nawrot (assisted by Spencer T. and Carrie.)



Irene + Rob || Unionville Vineyards

Irene and Rob’s friday wedding celebration upped the ante in so many ways… Chances are, you’ve never seen a wedding like this, either. Guaranteed.

Irene and Rob’s wedding day themed was inspired by the fantastical world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional “Lord of the Rings”. Without a doubt, they are huge fans of Tolkien. But beyond the details– from Arwen’s Evenstar Pendant (that the bride donned down the aisle) to the countless creative references to the “One” ring to inviting the guests to dress up in Middle Earth attire— all the many months of planning were not about emphasizing their fanaticism for the LOTR series. Irene and Rob, along with the many loved ones who attended their wedding, were there to celebrate a covenant.

This is what made their wedding day so memorable to us. Their main focus was never on the little things– the arnold palmer refreshment was great, the cocktail hour was exceptional, the dinner very filling, the costumes realistic + charming– but rather, on the big picture. They came to make a covenant to eachother, as well as to God. And the many people who loved them back were there to witness it.

They chose to spend their wedding day at Unionville Vineyards, an incredible setting tucked away in the heart of Ringoes, NJ. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, or a more accommodating (and warm-hearted) bridal party. Hands-down, one of the most outstanding moments from that evening was the Maid of Honor’s toast. Her speech encompassed humor, love, a few jokes, and to top it all off, she gave part of the speech in Elvish. That’s right folks. All you linguistics reading this blogpost understand exactly what we mean (it’s a real language, by linguistic standards!!)

Below, we’ve shared with you all some highlights from their wedding day. Be sure to check us out on facebook and see more of our work there!



Amy + Peter || The Mansion at Bretton Wood

One wedding day, two ceremonies, three rings, and four outfits… if we told you our 13-hour work day was exhausting, imagine standing in the bride & grooms’ shoes. Thankfully, all four of us made it through the day with gigantic smiles, an overflow of wonderful memories, and a dozen memory cards bursting with photos.

We had the absolute privilege of documenting this lovely couple’s wedding celebration last weekend. Together, they combined their families (and cultural heritages) for a fantastic + colorful multicultural wedding day. First came the Hindu marriage ceremony, followed by a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony. Colors, details, sweets, humor… they included it all. Symbolism was a key feature in their ceremonies– from the first moment they joined hands (the hasta melap and kanyadaan) to the various garlands + cords joining them together– the deep symbolism and richness of colors never cease to amaze us as photographers.

The evening was spent celebrating their new marriage as husband + wife– delicious cocktails, vast buffet options, and a whole lot of dancing.

We hope you all enjoy the little preview we’ve shared below. Please visit us on our facebook page to see more images! Enjoy!



Suzy + Andrew || Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ

We are incredibly excited to showcase some images from a very recent wedding.  Suzy + Andrew’s big day was bursting with energy, emotion and much anticipation. Just 11 months earlier, this awesome couple had celebrated their engagement in Weehawken, NJ. This past weekend, we were honored to join them as they exchanged vows + celebrated in style.

From start to finish, the bridal party (particularly, the bridesmaids) decided any random moment was a good time to dance. Singing, dancing, and a very unique form of vocalic cheering soon became the theme of the day (we’ve only seen this cheering at Arabic language weddings…YouTube it). Beyond the fun and laughter, we could sense how supportive and close the bridal party was with the bride and groom..  in the end, that made our job that much more enjoyable.

Suzy + Andrew’s wedding ceremony took place at Grace Episcopal Church, followed by a reception at the very elegant Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park. Sandwiched between these two events, we took a visit to the history Asbury Park Casino for some portraits.

As always, it’s difficult to point out our favorite aspects from the day. For sure, some unforgettable moments include the ultra-fun[ny] bridal party, the bride’s stunning veil, the ringbearers’ entrance photo, and all the crazy dance floor moves that ensued.

Congratulations once again to our newest newlyweds, and we hope you all take the time and enjoy the photos below. More images can be seen on our facebook page here ->  Dreamlite Photograph’s Facebook Page  <-



Lejanie + Phil || Kualoa Ranch in Honolulu, Hawaii

‘A celebration in paradise’ is how we would describe this trip. We feel extremely honored that Lejanie + Phil invited us along for the journey, and are very much elated to share with you a glimpse of the moments we’ve captured from their recent wedding in Hawaii.

From the early days of Dreamlite, we remember LJ being one of our most supportive fans. When they contacted us about their wedding in Hawaii, we couldn’t possibly say no. Throughout the yearlong planning process, we witnessed LJ + Phil diligently organizing, preparing, scouting [Hawaii], all while slowly making their dream wedding a reality. On the day of, our eyes were drawn to the little details that this bride + groom have invested effort into– the DIY goodness that made up their day seemed endless. From unity candles to the little reminders of love (check out her fingernails) to custom wedding party t-shirts to the carefully selected vendors (spot the sea turtles & superheroes)– the amount of detail in their wedding day was astounding.

Their wedding reception took place at the Palikū Gardens in Kualoa Ranch, a breathtaking venue with oceanside views to your front, and postcard-worthy views to your back. More famously known as a tv/movie filming location (think Jurassic Park and Lost), the scenery was simply out of this world. The super creative wedding cake, fantastic cupcakes, top-drawer dinner menu, traditional Hawaiian Hula performance, shaved-ice bar, hours of dancing + entertainment (including the Filipino Money Dance) all contributed to a wedding celebration we’ll never forget.

Lejanie and Phil, thank you so much for having us at your wedding. We hope you all enjoy the photos below, and be sure to visit our facebook page to see more of our work!

Coordinators/Planning: Milestone Events Hawaii [ ]
Catering: Beaches & Backyards Catering ]
Videography: Supreme Video Productions ]
Cake/Cupcakes: Kristin K of A Cake Life ]
Hair Stylist: Sherry M. [ Hair by Shairy Mangrobang ]
Make-up: Sarah O. of Whik’d Hawaii ]
DJ/MC/Photobooth: 808DJs [ ]
Limo Service: Jay’s Limousine [ ]
Ceremony: St. Ann’s Church [ ]
Reception: Kualoa Ranch [ ]
Portrait Location: Byodo-in Temple [ ]
Rentals: Pacific Party Rentals [ ]




Sarah + Mark || Long Lake Outdoor Center, Middleville, MI

Sarah and Mark tied the knot in the most picturesque of settings; pure Michigan beauty. For their special wedding weekend, they reserved an entire recreational campground (including gorgeous lakeside views, rustic cabins + campfire rings) all tucked away in the forest.

Joined by family and friends from all over the country, this happy couple exchanged vows on the lakeshore. Although the weather was overcast, the skies began clearing up shortly after they were introduced as husband and wife. We enjoyed cocktail hour under sunny skies, celebrated amongst loved ones over a feast of food and drinks, and topped off the evening under the stars.

Much of the details from their wedding day was DIY– something I always love seeing at weddings. I particularly admire DIY wedding details because it reflects an enormous amount of commitment, time, creativity + personality from the couples themselves. Wooden handcarved wedding topper (credit to a grandfather), handmade bouquets, and specially decorated homemade cupcakes were a few of my favorite things that day. The DIY aspect, coupled with a very natural setting, was very much inline with the newlywed’s wedding day vision.

Take note of the wedding rings in the photos below. Sarah’s wedding band and engagement ring had both belonged to Mark’s mother… a really significant and special aspect of their wedding commitment. Having already known this detail coming into the weekend, I completely choked up during the dinner speeches. Mark’s brother was giving a toast to the newlyweds, and at one point said to the bride, “Sarah, you are the answer to our mom’s prayers.”

This was my third time in Michigan for a wedding. With each visit, the charm of Michigan continues to captivate me, again and again.

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Sarah + Mark’s Wedding Rehearsal || Yankee Springs Recreation Area, MI

…Seven hundred and ten miles later…

I (Jon) had the absolute privilege of joining this couple for a really special weekend celebration in Michigan. Mark and Sarah chose a setting that thoughtfully reflected their love for nature (as well as their very first date!) The weekend events took place in Middleville, MI, tucked away into the woods, and surrounded by love ones who had flown in from all over the country.

Here’s a few of my favorite frames from their Friday evening rehearsal dinner. Picking my #1 favorite image would be impossible; but definitely note the little rebel eating out of the Cheez-it box, and the shooting star image. S’mores, vegetarian mexican dinner, shooting stars, energetic children at play, and a whole lot of love… what more could a photographer ask for? Enjoy!

(Edit: 6/17/13 Click here to see a whole lot of images from their wedding weekend!)




Sarah + Dmitry || Cape May, NJ

For the longest time, we’ve dreamt of being invited to a wedding in Cape May… and this past weekend, our dreams came true.

We’re so thankful that Sarah and Dmitry asked us to document their big day. The wedding day events all took place within historic Cape May– a gorgeous New Jersey beach community most famously for it’s Victorian architecture and shore town charm. They spent the morning getting ready at Hotel Macomer, followed by the wedding ceremony at the nearby Cape Island Baptist Church (in line with tradition, the church staff rang the tower bell to celebrate their nuptials). We journeyed through downtown Cape May & as far as the Historic Cape May Lighthouse for some portraits, before heading back to the Union Park Restaurant for an evening full of celebration. The rest of the night was filled with memorable toasts, keyboard performances dedicated to the bride + groom, dancing and a whole lot more dancing.

Below are some of our favorite moments from the day… and in no particular order, we’ll share with you some of them. We loved how Sarah and Dmitry exchanged handwritten letters to eachother. Dmitry’s best man was his son; we enjoyed watching how close of a bond they had together. A definite tear-jerking moment for us took place moments after the wedding ceremony had ended. Bride + groom had just exited the church sanctuary, and the best man quickly catches up to them. Without saying a word, the young man embraces his father with both arms.

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A few special mentions:

-Cakestand and Bridal Bouquet Brooch provided by Cake It Up, LLC
-Make-up and Hair by Rudy Raya (